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  1. Default Louisville Ky to Rapid City SD and back.

    My family and myself are thinking of taking a road trip to Rapid City from Louisville. I passed through Rapid City on a road trip to Seattle 6 years ago. We drove through Wisconsin and Minneasota the last time. I am wanting advice on what routes to use. Also I would like opinions regarding wether I should rent a car or if using the family 2000 Nissan Quest van 131K, but well maintained ,would be okay. Plus any advice regarding sites to see, tips on dealing with two teenagers in the backseat. It has been a while since we undertook such an ambitious adventure.

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    If your van is sound, there's no reason to spend money on a rental. Many years ago, I made a similar trip in an old Pontiac Grand Prix with about 180k on it.

    If you would like a different route, here's one to look at:

    I-64 to STL, I-70 to KC, I-29 to Onawa, cross the river, NE-51/US-275/US-20 to Chadron, US-385/SD-79 to Rapid City.

    Bring a portable DVD player and make sure both kids have a personal MP3 player. Stop often.

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    There are three main routes, all of which are about the same distance.

    The route through WI and MN would be to take I-65 to Chicago and then I-90 all the way across. The biggest downside to this route is that you'd go right through Chicago, but you could bypass that by taking a slightly longer detour via I-74 and I-39.

    Your next option would be to go through Iowa, taking I-74 from Indy to Davenport, and then I-80/I-29 to Sioux Falls, and I-90 across South Dakota. I'd guess this would be the fastest option, since it avoids any major urban areas.

    The third option would take you through St. Louis and KC, using I-64 to I-70, and then going north to Sioux Falls on I-29.

    Each of those routes would be about 1200 miles, and could be done in as little as two full days (10-12 hours on the road each day). You'd probably want a 3rd day if you plan to make lots of stops.

    From there, its your choice. There are things to do along all of those routes, but I would strongly encourage you to have your kids involved in the process of choosing the where and the when to stop. That will give them much more of an investment into the trip, and not just something where they're being pulled along for the ride. As far as the car goes, if you've already got a van that gives you enough space and you enjoy driving, then that could be a good choice. If you'd prefer to spend the money to drive a nearly new car and avoid the miles on your own vehicle, that's ok too.

    For future reference, you might also rethink your choice of using your email for your username on a forum like this.

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