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    Default Additional drivers under 25: Is there a decent price?


    We're 4 young Europeans (one aged 27, the rest of us 24). We're planning a road trip for this summer. We're looking for a full-size car or small SUV, all of us would like to drive (it's a long trip; 7000 miles according to Google Maps, 42 days), we also need some standard insurance (LDW + SLI or similar).

    The problem is -- we haven't been able to find anything cheaper than $3000. Could someone advise us anything cheaper? Or do you think this is the best one can get?

    It seems one could spare a lot of $ if he wouldn't pay for the extra drivers (maybe even half of the price). I don't like to cheat but the fees are so huge... is it sensible to drive without it, though? I mean I wouldn't want to get arrested or something like that.

    Thanks a lot for any help.
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    Default Don't do it !


    There is no way around the extra driver charges and all you can do is look for the best deal available and/or choose less drivers.

    Whatever you do don't let anyone drive the vehicle who is not supposed to be doing so. They will not be insured and could even be considered to have taken the car without consent [theft].
    Do not risk it !!!!

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    Default You break it, you bought it

    The only way I'd recommend having someone who is not on the rental agreement drive is if you have several hundred-thousand dollars lying around so that you can personally buy the rental car, another persons car, and any potential medical expenses if you were to get into a crash. Since your insurance would be invalid, all of those costs would have to come out of your pocket, and you could have a very tough time getting back home (or out of jail) until you paid them.

    Of course, if you had that kind of money, you probably wouldn't be worried about the extra dollars a day it takes to put an underage drive on a rental agreement.

    Your options are pretty straightforward here. Either the 27 year old is the only person who drives for the entire trip and you then pay at the regular adult rate, or you suck up the extra costs and pay for the additional underage drivers.

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    Another option is wait till next year when you are all 25 or older.

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    Default Did you try Alamo?

    In another discussion, some younger drivers said they found better deals at Alamo through their under-age drivers program. If you haven't, you might check them out to see if their prices are lower.

    I totally agree with the rest of the advice you've been given.

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