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    We leave our starting pt. in Jacksonville fl, which flirts with the Ga. border. I'm taking the trip to keep my friend moving to CO. some company on the drive. He's flying me back for it! We are planning on making it a 6-8 day trip, and plan on camping at the most primitive/naturally beautiful campsites possible along the way (most with showers hopefully, but running water would certainly be second to amazing scenery if choice had to be made) I am curious which route would permit the most scenic roads with natural beauty on our long trek through what seems to be a lot of flat... while perhaps also viewing (drive-by/quick stop snapshots) of any American landmarks of importance or interesting architecture. We will have a dog which presents some obvious limitations with site seeing, but will take frequent short stops for the dog. Drives with any nice ravines, secluded wilderness roads would be ideal, or even a lonely flat road in the middle of nowhere like in dumb and dumber would be cool. I'd appreciate any direction pointing you could offer! thanks,
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    Mapping software will probably tell you to first head north through Atlanta and Nashville to St. Louis and then west to Colorado Springs, and that would be the most efficient route to take. But with the extra time you have and your stated desire for something a bit more interesting. I think you ought to look at something a bit more like this: Start out on US-1 north to US-82 west. Take a short side trip to Andersonville for a unique bit of American history. Use I-65 between Montgomery and Birmingham, but then get back on the US system (US-78) to Memphis with a stop in Tupelo to see Elvis' birthplace if Memphis means Graceland to you. From Memphis take I-40 to Little Rock and then US-70 west from there. Note that Hot Springs, AR is a national park and worth a visit. Then in western Arkansas, get on the Talimena Scenic Drive (AR-88 and OK-1) after which you'll have to 'bushwhack' generally northwest through Muskogee and Broken Arrow to Wichita. Then it's west on US-54 to Dodge City and US-50 to Pueblo before the final turn north to Colorado Springs.

    As a general camping recommendation, look at national forests. Go to their website and see which ones are on your way and where you might be on given nights. Then get in touch with them and ask about what they might have in the way of dispersed camping.


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