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    I am brain storming for my first round trip from Vancouver to Toronto. I am currently seeking for some information regarding the best and most beautiful route to take to Toronto.
    Also, I would really appreciate any other information that could assist me in my trip such as estimated time, money, and etc.

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    Default best????

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    If you look around this forum a bit, you'll find that anyone asks this "best" question, its virtually impossible for us to answer it (and for whatever reason, we've been getting a whole lot of them recently).

    The best route for you is going to depend upon you, what you want to see and do, and your limitations of time, money, etc. The point is, you need to tell us far more about yourself before we can even come close to giving you a helpful response.

    How much time do you have for this trip? Do you have anythings you'd like to see along the way, Do you want to stay in Canada or travel through the US, how do you like to travel (length of driving days, eating, sleeping, etc). Those are some of the main factors in figuring out your budget and finding what route would be best for your trip.

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    Default Basic Planning

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    As befits brainstorming, let me just throw out some general ideas:

    On any round trip, you should be looking for two distinctly different routes there and back. In your case, you should probably first consider the Trans-Canada Highway and I-90 as your two basic routes.

    There are several on-line mapping routines that will let you play with different routes and will give you accurate mileages. Some of these are Google Maps, MapQuest and others. Just be sure to take their driving time estimates with a very large grain of salt. Either add about 20% to the times they give you, or better yet plan on covering no more than 500-550 miles on days you devote pretty much to driving.

    Costs will vary with your own travel style, of course, but here are some things to consider.

    Finally, we repeat it often around here, but there is no 'best' only what works for you and lets you get what you want out of your trip. We can offer tips and suggestions, but in the end you're already on the road to what's best for you by starting to plan ahead.


  4. Default More information

    so here is more info regarding my trip.

    I am more interested to see go nature within the Canada since I do not have a passport for now. I am going to use my car and spend 20 days total for the entire trip to Toronto. There is me and 3 of my friends planning to do this at the beginning of July. Oh I am not sure what other info I can include, but that is all I have on top of my head.
    Thanks again

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    Is that 20 days for the round trip? If so, how many days do you want to spend in Toronto?

    To drive from Vancouver to Toronto, staying in Canada, and taking the Trans-Canada Highway most of the way, is 2660 miles (4250km) and is a reasonable 6 or 7 day drive, driving all day, without taking detours or spending any amount of time off the road. I would recommend you budget $100 US per person per day.

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    Default The One and Only

    Since you will be making your journey entirely in Canada, there really is only one choice, the Trans-Canada Highway. Now while it is true that occasionally there will be two parallel routes, for the most part this is a single road. In a few spots, such as in western Ontario north of Lake Superior, Canada is connected by only two lanes of blacktop. I have just finished adding this highway to the compendium of trans-continental roads listing scenic and/or restful places to stop every few hours. That will give you some idea of the places available to you as you travel.


  7. Default AZ Buck knows nothing.

    There are other options than the 1 in area's!!!! I drove from Vancouver to Ottawa over 6 days. We went detouring a little bit. It was sweet
    In BC you have several choices, not just the Highway 1. From Vancouver you have the 7 or the 1 to Hope. From there you have the 1, 5, or 3. Me and my dad took the 3 (Crowsnest) all the way to Medicine Hat AB where it meets back up with the 1. It was sweet, and far less busy than the 1.
    We stopped in Creston Overnight, and took in an brewery tour of the Columbia Brewery (where they brew Kokanee) it was kinda cool and well worth the detour. The Crowsnest Pass, though is unclimatic but beautiful, and has the giamongous Frank slide, where half a mountain fell down on a town. It really is quite neat. So as an alternative to the 1 I recommend taking the Crowsnest Highway. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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