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    I may have wrong forum and if I do sorry.

    we are planning a road trip from Salt lake city, Ut to Alexandria, Va for the 4rth of July. We will be visiting Washington DC also. There will be 10 people. 4 adults, 3 teens, 1 7yr old and a 2 yr old girl. We are thinking about buying an RV if we can get one that we can afford. We are planning on going on I 80 up to Clevend then down on I 75 I think. We need help in figuring out what type of RV would we need how big, and any other help that people can give us along the way.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    For 10 people, you're going to be looking at the very largest sizes of RVs. Probably something around a 40 footer. I'd check out the planning section of this site for lost of articles about RVing to get an idea of what your options are.

    Having said that, I get the impression that this is just one single, relatively short, trip. It is almost never cost effective to make a major purchase like this for a single event. You didn't say where you are from or how long you plan to be on the road, but for just one trip, I'd think that renting would save you tens of thousands of dollars.

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    For large groups the 'C' class is normally a popular choice as a 32ft will normally have a larger sleeping capacity then a 40ft 'A' class due to the bed over cab feature. However I still think they are only capable of sleeping 7-8 people and before you think 'we could squeeze everyone in' you would also have a problem with the number of seat belts available for when on the move, so you will need to check that out.

    As Michael suggested, for a single trip you would be better of renting, but you will probably need either 2 RV's or 1 RV plus a car and either take a tent or cram in together at night.

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    we are in utah. We figured we will take 3 days to get up to Va from Utah and stay few days. Hubby is taking 2 weeks off. 40 footer sounds too big. We were thinking may be 4 adults can drive a smaller one. I looked at a 30 footer and it looked too big for little old me to drive. I am only 4 ft 7 and it seemed like a monstor of an RV

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    I think you need to plan on 4 days each way at minimum. That's over 2000 miles each way.

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    Sorry, but you've just got some things that just aren't going to work in reality.

    First, there is just no way to do this trip in 3 days. Even in a best case, you'd be looking at 4 days, but throw in the fact that you'll be driving a large RV and you'll have a very large group, you're going to need even more time.

    I'm also not really sure what you're point about having 4 drivers has anything to do with the size of the RV. If you've got a group of 10 people, you're going to need one of the largest RVs available to fit everyone inside. If that is too big, you might want to consider splitting your group up into 2 vehicles.

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