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    We have a 2 week trip planned and were hoping to go from San Fran to Yosemite to Vegas to Grand Canyon. From there see Monument Valley, Bryce Canyon, Zion NP and then down to LA and work up Highway 1 along the coast to SF.

    This is current day plan? Is this reasonable? How far is the drive to Arches MP from Zion/Bryce? Would that be possible to include?

    Friday 11th Arrive San Fran
    Sat 12th San Fran
    Sun 13th Drive through to Yosemite
    Mon 14th Yosemite
    Tues 15th Start drive to Vegas (perhaps stay Mammoth Lakes)
    Wed 16th Vegas
    Thurs 17th Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon
    Fri 18th Monument Valley (Lake Powell)
    Sat 19th Grand Canyon
    Sun 20th Grand Canyon
    Mon 21st Drive through to LA
    Tues 22nd LA
    Wed 23rd Santa Monica
    Thurs 24th stay somewhere on coast
    Fri25th Leave San Fran

    Thanks so much!

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    Actually, although you'll be on the go quite a bit on your trip, it all looks feasible. My only concern would be that while each of the days and segments might be quite enjoyable on its own, in sum it all may prove a bit too much. I don't know where you'd fit it in, but if you could schedule a day somewhere (maybe about half way) where you're just not planning on doing anything besides lounging beside a pool, or doing a few loads of laundry while reading a good book, that would give you more energy for the rest of the trip. In the meantime, you might want to read through these discussions of similar RoadTrips.


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    Bryce to Arches is 275 miles via 89, I-70, and 191. This should take about 5.5 hours. The mileage is about the same via Escalante and Hanksville, but this will take longer and is VERY scenic - and will take you through Capitol Reef.

    I think if you try to add that this trip, something else is going to have to give.

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    I agree with both the previous posters, it is doable without Arches but is going to be pretty busy even as it is. You do have a couple of days to take it a little easier in Yosemite and Grand canyon but there is plenty at both to keep you busy. I think you are a little rushed going from Vegas to Zion and onto Bryce the same day. Zion is a wonderful park with some nice easy walks and fantastic scenery and it's possible you could regret not staying the night here.
    The other thing to consider is that if you are leaving SF on the last day of travel you are going to have to stay fairly close the night before and this might not give you the time to fully explore the coast road from Santa Monica so it might be wise to move up the coast a bit for that night and away from the urban sprawl of LA.

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