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    Hey all.

    So, I'm new here, and I'm also new to road trips. I'm taking a road trip in early May from New Hampshire to Seattle, and then coming back in August. I was wondering if you guys had any advice for the trip itself (destinations, good places to stop), preparing for the trip, or anything of that sort. Pretty much all the preparation I have is "GPS + Car = go." And there has to be more to it than that, right? :3

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    Default To many variables.

    Hello and welcome to the R.T.A. forums !

    Pretty much all the preparation I have is "GPS + Car = go." And there has to be more to it than that, right? :3
    Well it's a start !

    Without knowing anything of your interests and a journey that takes you across country and back, it would take pages and pages to just throw options out there ! We don't even know how long will you be on the road for.

    Firstly, work out how much time you have to accomplish the road trip each way and open up a map [a paper maps a handy thing to take with you] and start to look at routes and things along them that appeal to you and compare the two and how they can fit into your route and timescale, a different route on the way out to the one coming back. When you have an outline plan then we can help you "fill in the gaps".

    We normally recommend 5-6 days to cross the country, which is equivalent to 500-550 miles a day which is 9-10 hours travel time with short stops, but no major sight seeing. You will have to make sure your car is in good shape, serviced and safety checks such as tyre wear, brakes belts etc.

    Have a good look around the forums, [there are thousands of threads to check out] and road trip planning pages [in the green tool bar] for ideas and as you get an idea of route, places of interest, time etc let us know and we can help piece your trip together.

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    What about supposedly haunted places? Is there an easily-accessible list of those somewhere?

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    Default Searching

    Quote Originally Posted by scali View Post
    What about supposedly haunted places? Is there an easily-accessible list of those somewhere?
    I did a quick Google search for "haunted places USA" and found many links. I can't vouch for any of them, however.
    Here's one example.

    How many days do you have for your trip out to Seattle? For your trip back?
    What kind of budget are you looking at? Any plans around taking shorter trips from Seattle once you're there?

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    For the trip out to Seattle, it's currently looking at around 8 days, but depending on my friend's work situation, could be bumped up to around 2 weeks.

    EDIT: It's about 2 weeks.

    The trip back has much less time-stress because, well, I don't have to be back until work until the second week of September. Once I'm at Seattle, I think I'll be a bit too busy to really take any trips, what with the whole 9-5 thing. I'm not really thinking of the way back right now because, well, that's about 4 months away, and the one that's under a month away is more pressing in my mind.
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    I would consider taking a southern route out, and a northern route back. Reason being - in May the northern high altitude attractions such as Yellowstone, Glacier, Cascades, and Rocky Mountain NP are not fully open yet. The only downside with seeing them in Aug/Sept is the tail end of the summer rush, but everything will be open. Of course, there should be no problem taking a direct northern route out, but you won't have the full benefit.

    Everything in Utah is open now except for Cedar Breaks.

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    Okay, here's an update on the plan.

    We're starting in New Hampshire, and we're going southwest to hit a few sites from our favorite novel in Virginia and Tennessee, with a nice, large bit of nothing from NH to Virginia. We're then turning north and heading to House on the Rock Inn in Wisconsin (yet another site from the novel), with yet another bit of nothing.

    We're then heading southwest again to go to the exact center of the country, in Kansas. We're then heading straight west to Colorado, because, well, Colorado is supposed to be a beautiful place. We then enter Utah, and there's a giant blank spot in the plans between Utah and Seattle.

    Any ideas?

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    I'd look at Wisconsin for the return trip. That's quite a detour from TN to KS.

    Utah to Seattle? If you have time, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Yosemite, California coast highway - all kinds of possibilities.

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