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    from north of Baltimore to south of DC, in the middle of the night, so traffic's not a factor.

    A) 95 south......895 south.....295 south (Baltimore-Wash parkway)... back on 95 south


    B) 95 south straight through

    option A seems more direct but speed limits could be a factor

    a slight change of option A could be 95 south to where it meets 295 (instead of using 895)

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    Default Not too much

    I don't think there's too much difference in the amount of time one would take versus the other. Your best bet would be to search to find out if there is any construction on either of these routes, as in such as busy area they are likely to perform much of it at night (unless the economy is dictating otherwise).

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    All things being equal, take 95 straight through Baltimore through the new tunnel, stay on 95, and take the west beltway around DC, Virginia side. 295 is a bit shorter but the speed limit is lower and the road has fewer lanes. The east beltway appears to have more construction and is longer. Bring your EZ-Pass.

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