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  1. Default Tornado safety

    I will be driving through the Kanas, Arkansas, Tennesse and other states with heavy Tornado activity this time of year.
    I am looking for safety tips.
    I would like to avoid spending the $30-$40 on an NOAA radio.
    Do I really need one?

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    Default good idea

    I'd say a weather radio is a good idea, but its not essential. As long as you are paying attention to your surroundings and keeping tuned to local radio, you should be able to get by without one.

    Another option that I've used, some CB radios will have a weather band feature. At the very least that would be one way to get more bang for your buck, and have 2 pieces of safety equiptment in one package.

  3. Default Road trip through Missouri, Arkansas and Tennesee

    I am taking a spring road trip that includes
    Missouri (along RT 44), Arkansas, Tennesse (of course memphis & Nashville)
    To those who have some attractions in these states that you recommend, please share them.
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    Default We Already Have

    If you poke around just a bit you'll find lots of attractions listed by both State and Interstate Highway. You should start by reading through those for some ideas. Then use the 'Search' function at the right of the second green toolbar at the top of this page and also follow the links to 'Similar Threads' you'll find at the bottom of each page.



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