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  1. Default Help with road trip starting and ending in Vegas please!


    Booked flights from UK to Vegas, fly out on 26th May, fly home two weeks later.

    Stayin in Vegas for 3 days at the start and 2 days at the end.

    This is just a theoretical route, not researched it too much yet but

    Vegas - yosemite NP - San Fran - LA - Vegas

    any feedback on this please?
    any suggestions?
    good idea / bad idea?


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    Default look around

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think you should probably do a little more research first, as there are thousands of posts on this forum about the basic trip outline you are talking about. Rather than try to reinvent the wheel, take a look around first, and see what has already been said on the subject.

    I will note of special consideration for your trip, Tioga Pass through Yosemite typically opens in late May to early June, so during your trip, its possible that you will be able to travel this route, but its possible you'll have to use another option to get across the Sierra.

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    Default Another option.


    That is a very popular route that would/could include Death valley, Pacific coast highway, Joshua tree NP and Mojave preserve as well [to name a few options].
    These are some of our favorite threads on the area.

    Another option would be to go in a more Eastward loop which could include Zion NP, Bryce canyon, Arches NP, Mesa verde, Monument valley, Grand canyon, part of old route '66 and over the Hoover dam.

    Both are great options but it's for you to decide which way appeals to you the most so time to do a little researching.

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    Default Time for more

    And there are really even more trip ideas available. You could swing down to Phoenix/Tucson/Tombstone/Mojave, etc. You could head to San Diego/LA/then up the coast to San Francisco. You could focus on trees and hit Sequoia and the Redwood forests on the northern California coast.

    You can't do it all but you can certainly do more than you've planned so far. Most folks who come here try to cram in too much. You're the rare visitor who seems to have too little on their list.

    If you want suggestions, give us an idea of what you like to see and do. You might get a good map and pour over it for ideas. And definitely read through the link given to see what others have done.

  5. Default

    thanks for replies

    changed things about slightly

    looking at starting in LV

    hiring car then going to grand canyon on last day in LV

    then off to LA - looking at staying in santa monica in the comfort inn

    then up the coast and camping probly in big sur (not do too much research on this part as yet - or if its poss as looked at some places booked out already)

    then to san fran and the cow hollow motor inn

    then back to LV for last night

    (flying in and from LV)

    I lived in New Jersey for a few months coaching football /soccer, too a while to get used to the roads and the manual car being the wrong way round!

    thanks again for the info given so far

  6. Default visa for holiday in vegas and ca from uk?

    hi, one quick question.
    Do I need any kind of visa or similar documents just for a holiday in vegas and road trip in ca when travelling from uk?

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    Presuming that you don't have a criminal record - or any other reason that the authorities wouldn't want you visiting - you should be able to enter without a full visa. You will need to apply for an ESTA but you can do that online and the site will tell you if you are eligable - click here

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