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  1. Default Road trip from Boston to Houston, TX

    Hi all,

    I am planning a one-way trip to Houston form Boston in roughly 6 days for my parents visiting from Asia. This is the first time they are here so we want to see as much as we can. I plan to spend:
    - 1 day at Rhode island to see the beautiful mansions.
    - 1 day in New York
    - 1 day in Washington DC.
    - 1 day in New orleans

    I am not sure of what to visit between Washington and New Orleans and the route is very long. Are there any other suggestions that we should see. We love natural scenery, historic sites and we want to experience the uniqueness of each state that we pass by.

    Thank you for all the suggestions.

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    Default Houston, we have a math problem

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You've got a little problem with your current plan, you've designated things to do for 4 of your 6 days, without factoring in the fact that you need about 3 days of pure driving to cover the distance that you are talking about.

    Assuming you factor in your driving into your first three days in RI, NYC, and DC (and there is some significant driving there), that leaves you three days to get to Houston. Its a full 2 day drive to get from DC to New Orleans (10 hour days on the road), and its still another 6 hours of driving to get to Houston, so it would be difficult to spend a full day in NOLA at that rate.

    The trip from DC to New Orleans should be a very nice drive down I-81, which is a wonderfully scenic trip through the mountains, and Smokey Mountains National Park would be fairly close to your route and near the halfway point of this leg of the trip. However, right now, you've already got more than you can really fit into your trip, so you'll have to think about things to cut before you add anything else to your plan.

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    I have a small grammatical question - "in" 6 days. Does that mean you are starting the trip 6 days from now, or you have 6 days to make the trip? If the latter, Michael is right on. If the former, please tell us how many days you have to make the trip. Thank you!

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