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    I am planning a roadtrip from Casper to Minneapolis. I am flying out to visit friends in Minneapolis and then family in Casper. Traveling to Casper from Minneapolis we will drive through the night , we have a 2yr old and I thought that would be easier, but on the way back I wanted to make it nice road trip. Any one have any ideas, off the beaten tracks things to see/do? Good places to take a 2 yr old? Is Mt Rushmore worth the trip? Thanks

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    I'll start by saying that your plan to drive straight through to Minneapolis is a horrible idea on many levels, especially traveling with a small child. Trying to do that in the middle of the night is simply put, recklessly dangerous. Is it really worth putting the life of yourself and your small child in harms way so you don't have to entertain her while you are on the road?

    It is very difficult to travel 900 miles in one day. It can be done, but it will take a good 18 hours, and you will be exhausted when you are done. To make the trip that quickly, you'd still be looking at only minimal stops for food and gas, and does not give any chance for your child to run around and work out some energy. The idea that you'll drive all night while the child sleeps ignores the fact that you also need rest to safely drive, especially at night.

    If you want to have a safe and enjoyable trip, plan for at least 2 days each way, making lots of small stops so everyone has a chance to move. If you do that, the odds are pretty good that your child will be napping for a good chunk of the day anyway.

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    Midwest Michael,

    You obviously don't know my child. He is 2 and a half and doesn't really nap very well in the car. I won't be traveling alone. My husband and I will be splitting the drive. We only have so much time and driving through the night seems like the best option for us. We have done many trips like this before. Split it up and take breaks along the way. We each nap a bit before the drive and then rest up again when we get there. I truly don't believe that I am putting myself and especially my child in harms way by doing this. I was truly asking for advice about what route to take not about my choice as to when I should drive.
    Have you done this route?

  4. Default Roadtrip from Casper Wyoming to Minneapolis , Minnesota

    I am traveling with my husband and 2 1/2 yr old from Casper to Minnesota . We have about a week. What are some of the best scenic roads to travel? PLaces to visit? Is Mt Rushmore worth the stop? Any great places to stay?

    Thanks for all the advice
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    Well, 'Minnesota' is a pretty big target, but in general, some of the places you might enjoy on a trip there, assuming you head almost straight north to I-90 and then turn east, would be Devils Tower, Mt. Rushmore, Badlands National Park, Jewel and Wind Caves and the Crazy Horse Memorial. All of those are in the same general area of western South Dakota and eastern Wyoming. There are also places to stop every few hours along I-90 where you can just let your toddler get some exercise and fresh air. There's also the quirky Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD. If you're headed for the Twin Cities area, I'd recommend that you get off I-90 at Worthington, MN and take the MN-60/US-169 cut-off to get a feel for the Midwest heartland.


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    I live in the Minneapolis metro and have made the trip from Casper to there before. Your best bet for any sightseeing would probably be in the Black Hills and the Badlands (at least for you and your husband). Since the most direct route goes near Mt. Rushmore it would definitely be worth stopping is pretty neat and there is more to see there than just the monument.

    As for things that would be good for your 2 year old that may be a little tougher since most of the attractions in that area are focused around natural beauty. Though if you drive through Custer State Park you will definitely get to see some animals (buffalo for sure). Even though I didn't like it, I could see how stopping at Wall Drug could be fun for a 2 year old...there are all sorts of wacky stuff and funny "Sculptures" (like the Jackalope!)

    As for Minneapolis I would think that the Aquarium at the Mall of America would be cool for a young kid to see. Also the free zoo at Como park in St. Paul is neat and they have merry go rounds and things for little kids to do there.

    Also I don't see how the trip from MSP to Casper would take 18 hours...unless you were stopping really alot,which it doesn't sound like you will be. I know me and my wife made it from DC to Minneapolis in 18 hours and that is 1100 miles through a bunch of cities, without the advantage of a 75 mph speed limit.

    hope this helps!

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