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  1. Default 14 day RV Out West trip w/3 kids (8-13)

    My family has rented an RV from CruiseAmerica for 14 days this summer, going in and out of Denver. I'm just starting to map our route and need some advice on "must see" places of interest and places to stay. Know we want Rocky Mountains, Badlands, Yellowstone, Mt Rushmore....what else?

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    Default must for you?

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    What is a "Must See" for your trip totally depends upon what you are interested in seeing and doing. You're really going to have to tell us more about what you and your kids are interested in before we can be of too much help. I can start by saying there is a lot more to the black hills than just Mount Rushmore, and its possible that you'd have time to visit some of the other national parks in Colorado or Utah. But you have to tell us more about you, what you like, and how much time you want to spend at each place. Otherwise, we're blindly throwing darts without even knowing a target.

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    Default Coming up with an itinerary


    My wife wants to take an RV trip with our kids, also, so I hope you'll be kind enough to share your experiences when you're done.

    One thing I like to do when planning a trip is to find out what each of us really wants to see and come up with a theme or themes for the trip. For example, one our road trip from So' Cal' to southern British Columbia a few years back we hit as many National Parks as we could because our oldest daughter really enjoyed the Junior Ranger Program and I also love the outdoors. My wife was most concerned with comfortable rooms and decent meals, so we were able to accomodate everyone. If I were going by myself I'd probably have gone to every National Park and historic site I could have found.

    Have a family talk and see who wants to see what. If the kids get involved in the planning it makes it much more exciting for them. It can also prove educational (I have my oldest read about the places we're going to visit so she better understands what she sees on the trip).

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