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    We are a few college kids who desire to go on a midwest roadtrip. We will probably be leaving from NYC, but maybe DC. We have two weeks and want to hit the maximum number of major metropolitan areas with special interest in the Twin Cities, Chicago, Detroit and St. Louis but we do not necessarily go to all of those places. What should we do? Any suggestions as to how long this trip would take or where else we should go? We also like baseball, fun at night and good restaurants. Friends in every midwest city we can stay with. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    2 weeks should be a nice amount of time to make this trip and be able to spend time with your friends along the way.

    As far as where else to go, it sounds like you're mostly interested in cities, so places like Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Milwaukee would also be worthwhile possibilities. Kansas City or Memphis and Nashville could also be on the outlying edge of where you could go. You might also look at spending some time in the various college towns, like Madison, Iowa City, or Athens, Ohio.

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