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    Hello I recently stumbled upon this forum when looking for ideas for my shortly upcoming trip. Me and a buddy are flying up to AK to pick up a buddy who is gettin restationed closer to Iowa. We are driving his SUV while pulling a UHAUL trailer.

    We have eight or nine days or so to do this trip and are in our early twentys. So needless to say a big part of the trip is mixing it up with locals and having a good time.

    I was wondering about our route. Online sources show going through Edmonton but I am worried about once we get on the eastern side of the Rockies it will be boring flat wheat farm land. We had also talked about Vancouver and coming down on that side of the Rockies and head east.

    Are the roads in the Yukon going to be greatly affected by thawing? And is it something that we should plan around?

    We are looking for a good views along the way and we do not have to stay on the beaten path if there is something worth seeing.

    We leave for AK on Thursday and I was hoping for some ideas, because I have seen some great ones for other threads. I will be checking back also while on the trip if I can! Thanks!

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    At the very best, you're looking at needing to drive nearly 3,500 miles on less than ideal roads and pulling a trailer, all in only 8 or nine days. allow even one day for an almost inevitable weather delay and you will have to average around 500 miles a day over mostly two lane highways. Understand the magnitude of the task you are taking on first and foremost. Get the worst of it behind you before you go off wasting time you may not have. In particular, I just don't see how you could possibly include Vancouver. You just don't have the time for that many extra miles. You can 'mix it up with the locals' anywhere and everywhere along your trip as long as your realize that doing so also takes time and that the locals in Saskatchewan are going to be every bit as unfamiliar to you as those of the Yukon.


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    Fairbanks to Cedar Rapids via Vancouver is over 4000 miles. This is 9 full days of driving if you are going to be towing and involves some gravel roads. I think that this will be a lot more interesting than cutting across the Canadian prairie, and your fuel costs may be less due to the considerably more expensive Canadian gasoline.

    Take the Alcan to Watson Lake and go down the Cassiar (37) to 16 to Prince George. Take 97 to 99 to Vancouver. Cross the border and take I-5 to I-405 to I-90, and take that all the way to Albert Lea, where you can go south into Iowa.

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