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    Taking my wife of our first trip to San Francisco and hope to fly back out of Vegas June 1. The question is, What are my best options seeing I only have 5to 6 days. I thought about 11/2 days in San Francisco Driving down the coast Wed. Morning, possibly stoping off in LA then on to Vegas Thur. Morning. Would it be better to bypass LA and go thru Yosemite? What are best site options for either trip? Thanks for any and all advice.

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    We've really had a flurry of people this weekend asking the same "best" questions, and once again, there simply is no "best." There are lots of options, all of them are good, but if there was a single best, I don't think we'd have the thousands of posts on this subject that you can find on this forum.

    Certainly going down the coast is a great trip, beyond that, going to LA would be a very different experience than Yosemite, so it depends upon what you are looking for. You should note that if you go to Yosemite, you could be too early to travel over Tioga Pass (it usually opens in late may to early june), so that could affect how you have to approach some aspects of your planning. Ultimately though, the best trip here is solely going to depend upon what you are looking for.

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    Five days is simply not enough to see and do everything that will be available to you between San Francisco and Las Vegas, so your first assignment will be to go through the long list of sites available and decide where best to spend your time. If you want to spend a day and a half in San Francisco, and see some coast, and see Yosemite, that's all possible, but not a complete drive down the coast and Los Angeles to boot. What I'd suggest as a general outline is that after your stay in San Francisco, you explore down the coast just a bit, say to the Monterey/Carmel area and maybe some of the pristine coast south of there, but then double back through Los Banos and Merced to Yosemite. Enjoy as much time as you can in the park while driving through and then cross the Sierra Nevada on CA-120 over Tioga Pass and come down into Las Vegas through Death Valley. That drive and those sites (and Mono and Owens Lakes) will give you plenty to do for the 3 and a half days you'll be on the road.


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    Thanks, some eye opening advice. How long would it take to drive through yosemite and over the pass if it is open?

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