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    Planning a road trip for August from Wisconsin to Denver - myself and two friends. We are looking to do this in about a week and a few days. Maybe 2 days there and 2 back staying in Denver for the rest of the time. Any suggestions for stops on the way. We are looking to make this a fun road trips - brewery tours, great scenic views, out of ordinary stuff (largest ball of yarn etc.) anything that would be a great picture. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.
    Thanks !

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    2 days each way won't give you much time to do anything but get there and get back. Omaha or Lincoln, NE is the halfway point, suitable for your overnight stop.

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    Wisconsin is a big place to use as a starting point. If you were starting from Milwaukee, you'd have a very different trip than if you were starting in Superior, even though the distance itself would be pretty similar.

    Roughly speaking, I-80 would probably be your best bet, and eastern Nebraska would be about the halfway point. Once you get to I-80 there are lots of things that could take you off the road for a few short breaks. There certainly will be other things to stop and see on your way to I-80, but that depends upon how you plan to work south.

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