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    Hey all,

    I'm making a big move from NYC to the Los Angeles area for school. I plan on moving sometime in August. I've been doing a toss up of either having my car taken by truck to CA, or just driving out there myself. If I road trip it, I was wondering an estimated cost (to see which choice would be cheaper) and estimated how long it would take. Either way, I'd need my car out in California while I'm living there and driving it myself allows me to take more belongings with me, rather than spending money on the post.

    What do you guys think?

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    If you just want to get there, it's a 2800 mile drive on Interstate highways and will take you 5 days. Plan on 4 nights in a hotel at $75 a night, figure gas at 3000 miles at $3 a gallon, plug your car's gas mileage into that. You should be able to calculate your food costs based on the types of restaurants you prefer, some hotels offer free breakfasts of varying types.

    For me, I get 20 mpg, so that would be $450 for gas. I can easily eat in restaurants for $30 a day - free hotel breakfast, fast food lunch, and dinner at a family type restaurant.

    That totals $870. Use $1000 as a figure that should not be exceeded. The fastest route involves toll roads, but that can be minimized without losing much time or adding many miles.

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    Default The experience itself is worth a few $$

    Even if driving turns out to cost a bit more, I think the experience is worth it. If you have the time, driving out is so much more interesting and exciting than flying over it, imho.

    Five days doesn't leave much time for stopping along the way to explore. So if you could add at least a couple more days, you would have more time to play along the way.


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