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    Default Planning 3 month US trip

    I'm looking for some advice. I am planning to hire an RV next year, August through October and I want to visit Washington, Boston, Montreal, Toronto, Chicargo, St Louis, Denver and ending up in Las Vegas, a place I know very well having visited every year for the last 15 years. The plan is to fly into Washington and fly back home from Vegas.
    Request information on the best place to rent an RV for 3 months, best route to visit all cities mentioned.
    Thank you in anticipation

    Phil (UK)

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    Default "Best"

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    It's a recurring theme around here that there is no 'best' anything. For example, if there were a single best RV rental company, all the others would be out of business fairly shortly. If there were a single best route for any given RoadTrip, that could simply be posted somewhere permanently and no one would ever have to address the question again. What a boring world having just a few 'best's would be. So, the 'best' we can do is point you to a few resources so that you can find what works 'best' for you.

    A few of the largest RV rental firms in the U.S. are Cruise America, El Monte and Camping World, but there are others, and you should not take that list as a recommendation. You will just have to search out what's available, where you can pick up and drop off the RV, costs, and other factors before making a final decision. You will also have to make sure that taking the RV into Canada will be allowed by the rental company and that you get the proper documents to let you clear customs both into Canada and back into the U.S.

    Similarly, as to routes, that will depend entirely on your travel preferences and what kind of venues you would like to experience on your drive. If you just want to 'connect the dots', then you're looking at sticking to the freeways and turnpikes: I-95 between Washington and Boston, I-89 to Montréal, ON-401 to Toronto and beyond to Sarnia, then I-69/I-94 to Chicago, I-55 to St. Louis, I-70 to Denver and across the Rockies into Utah and then I-15 to Las Vegas. But with 3 months you've got a lot of time to wander a good bit more than that, so you'll have to decide what else you want to see and do before deciding on a route to get there.

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    Default Research

    As Buck mentioned there really is no "one trip suits all" so you really need to get the map out and see what appeals to you between places you want to see and put an itinerary together and then we can help you fill in the gaps and "fine tune" your trip.

    You will find lots of info searching the forums and in the road trip planning pages [green tool bar above] where you will find lots of info on RV lifestyle as well.
    When you are comparing costs with an RV make sure you add up all the extra's such as one way drop off charges, extra mileage, ins waivers, bedding and kitchen kits, generator use and so on. For a long term one way rental you will most likely be looking at the bigger RV company's and quite often you will find "Hot deals" on the Cruise America sight with certain specials so check that out against others.
    Personally I love travelling by RV but make sure it's the "best" thing for you. Unless there is 4 or more of you travelling it will almost certainly be dearer than a car and Motels and if you are planning on spending a majority of time in city's they are quite bulky to get around in.

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    Default Planning 3 months US trip

    Thanks Dave & Buck, some very good points, as it is only my wife & I do you suggest only car hire and use motels?
    We thought that it would be better meeting folk on an RV site than that of a motel! We have experience of caravaning in the UK.

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    Rent a car and do some tent camping. Use hotels when the weather is bad and/or you need to freshen up. You can buy some basic inexpensive camping gear at Walmart and then donate it to charity before you leave.

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    Default What works for you.

    Quote Originally Posted by Phil Bridge View Post
    Thanks Dave & Buck, some very good points, as it is only my wife & I do you suggest only car hire and use motels?
    We thought that it would be better meeting folk on an RV site than that of a motel! We have experience of caravaning in the UK.
    Hi Phil,

    As I mentioned I love travelling by RV and I agree somewhat that in my experience meeting people and chatting in the campground with like minded people was more rewarding and easier to do than that of a Motel. I picked up some great route ideas/places to visit and generally having a good old chit chat.
    With two of you travelling it is certainly going to be a lot dearer, especially by the time you add the fact that 10mpg against, say 25mpg in a car over your length of journey will more than double your fuel bill. When you do the sums do not forget to add campground fees which can range from $18 a night to $50 average. If it's what you want to do and your budget can withstand it go for it. Check out the website for National parks and campgrounds within them.

    As glc suggested you could always buy a tent from somewhere like Walmart and a few bits such as gas stove, sleeping bag and mix it up a bit.

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    Default Planning 3 months US trip

    Thanks again, this is a good site and much help is offered. We are taking in all of your comments and starting to think of car/motel version, just had a look at Dollar Car Hire, they quote $650.00 per month, we are in Vegas in 6 weeks time so I intend asking a few questions locally, we have been coming to LV for the last 15 years, love the place!!

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