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    Hi, I'm thinking of driving to Florida to visit relatives. Will be departing from the Philadelphia area. I would go as far as Orlando. A friend of mine advised me that it's pretty much a straight shot - stay on I-95 all the way to Florida. Is that pretty accurate?

    I'd like to know what would be a good half-way point for staying overnight. I was thinking maybe North or South Carolina. Just a cheap inn or motel, to catch some zzz's would be fine. I'll be driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Would appreciate any advice, tips. Thanks, Greg

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    Sure, you can easily make the trip down in two moderate days. I-95 will take you all the way to Daytona Beach and I-4 the rest of the way to Orlando. Halfway is around Lumberton, NC. But since you'll spend more time getting out of Philadelphia and through Baltimore, Washington, Richmond and Petersburg on the first day, you might want to knock off a little early, say at Fayetteville, where there would be more motel choices.


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    Just a cheap inn or motel, to catch some zzz's would be fine.
    South Of The Border! On the NC-SC line, you CAN'T miss it!

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