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    Default Road Trip Music

    We will be doing a long trip starting and finishing in San Francisco. We will take in Yosemite, Death Valley, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Bryce, Zion and Big Sur.
    I am currently compiling my Ipod play lists. On will be mainly sixties and seventies like Amazing Rhythm Aces, Steely Dan, Little Feet, Byrds, Doobie Brothers. Another will be older stuff like Sons of The Pioneers, Hank Williams, Lefty Frizzel etc. The third will be more modern, featuring Lyle Lovett and Madeleine Peyroux.
    I just wondered if anyone would care to contribute suggestions for the ideal South West play list.
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    Default A couple of lists.

    There's suggestions to be found here and here as well as many others you can find with the search button.
    My taste is wide and varied but I also like to tune into the local radio stations while I'm on the road.

  3. Default try The Thrills


    Ever since I've been considering my trip to California, I've found tracks from "The Thrills" 2003 album "So Much for the City" going round and round in my head.

    You may remember the single "Santa Cruz (You're Not That Far)" ... it had a decent chart outing and a lot of radio airplay back in the summer of 2003 ... but almost every track on the album mentions places on the coast between Big Sur and San Francisco ... all done with a Country (or is it Western?) style sound with jangly guitars, resonator guitars, banjos and violins.

    Also, you mentioned that your wife will be with you, in your original post, but not whether there are others travelling with you. One thing that I have done several times now, for long trips with small groups of friends, is get each person to prepare their Desert Island Discs selection before the trip (for readers outside the UK you can find out what this means by clicking here) and then take turns to interview each other on the trip.

    If each person prepares a playlist or burns a cd with their 8 tracks, then you can spend time finding out about their life/loves/losses/etc., how music has affected them, why they have chosen their particular tracks, what each track reminds them of, etc., etc.

    In my experience it takes a lot longer than you would expect to discuss and play 8 pieces of music when you do this ... it really whiles away the miles/hours on a trip. You also find that everyone gets some time to listen to their kind of music (their most favourite music even), and you might find that you learn something(s) about your travelling companions, even the ones you thought you knew really well, that you would never otherwise have known.

    Give it a go.
    Regards, PhilB

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    Default Very cool idea, PhilB

    Thanks for sharing it. Even though my husband and I just celebrated 27 years together, I bet we'd find out some new stuff about each other if we did that.

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    Tony J Case, Super Genius Guest


    How quaint - back in the days where I had only CDs to work with, I had to be selective in what music I brought along. These days, it's "Load my ipod up with everything on my hard drive" and hit the road. One of those ipod to FM radio transmitters and I'm good to go.

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    Grofe's "Grand Canyon Suite" may be too much of a cliche, but I like to take classical and film score CDs. The soundtrack to "Lonesome Dove" matches the southwest well. Dvorak's "From the New World" symphony is another good background piece.

    When we'd go plinking in the Mojave Desert, for we used to the Eagles, Charlie Daniels, and Marshall Tucker Band. Now those tunes are tied to the desert in my mind, but the latter two make a lot more sense in the southeast.

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    All I have is my XM radio.

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    Default Grand scenery = grand music

    Whenever I drive Avenue of the Giants (old US101 through the redwoods) I like to do two things: 1) put the top down (if i'm in the convertible), 2) pop a Beethoven in the CD; generally #9.

    The "Pastorale" works well in rolling hills/country settings. You may want to consider mixing/matching some of the others to the scenery at hand.

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    being a big metal head if you like, id be listening to a lot of iron maiden, dream theater, symphony x, blind guardian, iced earth, rush, lots of thing really. do like a bit of classical every now and again, depends on the mood.

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