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    I have posted on here befoe a bout a road trip with my boyfriend.
    Well it didn't happen last year due to a few things and so next year is the plan! (Fingers crossed!!)

    So to save money we want to hire a small caravan/camper. not a big motor home, something perfect for 2 which maybe has a fridge or something. But we want to rent it for 6 months but the best we can get at the most affordable price. We don't want the cheapest van going because we will be doing a lot of driving and we don't want to be paying out for repairs all the time!

    Does anyone know of any good companies for
    - One way rentals
    - Ideally both of us will drive, i am under 25 so a company that doesn't charge extra for being under 25
    - unlimited milage

    Any help/suggestions will be very much appreciated!

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    Default because of the length

    Welcome back to the RTA Forum!

    If you're going to be on the road for 6 months, trying to buy an RV would probably be your cheapest option, but as discussed in your previous thread, that will be fairly difficult because you are UK residents.

    Pretty much anything you can come up with will be expensive, and any sort of camper that you can rent will probably still cost quite a bit more than renting a car. Again, I would refer you back to your previous thread, because I think most of that advice is still going to rule the day even though you've pushed things back a year. Since your bf is now over 25, that should save you money, if you can do a trip where only he drives. Extra charges are standard for extra drivers, and expensive when that person is under 25.

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    The idea that we will rent a camper van to save money on staying in motels, as these don't appear to be as cheap as we first thought.
    I know a van will be more expensive initially but we were hoping to make the cost up by just paying for campsites. but not sure if this will work out or not?

    My idea was to do half and half - 3 months of camping and 3 months of hiring a car and staying in cheap motels (if we can find any) as I'm a bit of a wimp at the best of times so camping in a dodgy area would not appeal to me!

    We want to get passes for national parks as i think we will save a lot of money by doing this. What do we get for the pass though, can we camp or is it just basic entry to look around?

    What is the average price to camp in a van for teh night in a campsite in north america/canada?

    Thank you!

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    Default A car and camper ?


    The National parks pass is for entry into the park and camping fees are extra, usually around $18 to $20 per night.

    If you are planning to do half and half [camping and hotels] have you considered buying a tent and do some "proper camping". This way you could possibly get a good deal on a long term car rental and spend a 3 or 4 nights alternating [or every night for that matter] rather than 3 months permanent of each. I am sure this would be better for the budget and even more so if you used a hostel here and there.

    Most company's use the RV's and the B class would be the smaller, cheaper option of those although there is a company in San Fran that hire out VW camper vans. I think they are called "Californian campers" but if I re call they seem to be as dear to rent as a full size RV, although I would imagine they would save a fortune on fuel and be easy to get around in.

    Or how about a type of hybrid car come camper that you could alternate in. A bit crammed but there monthly rates look quite good and who knows you might be able to negotiate an even better price over a longer period.

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    Default Cheaper in an RV?

    I disagree. Once you factor in the rental fee, fuel costs, and camping fees, it will usually cost more than renting a car, staying in economy motels, and eating out of your cooler for part of your daily meals.

    Camping fees with hook-ups typically cost about $20-30/night. Economy motels typically cost $45-65/night. So while you will usually save about $30-40/night on your lodging, you are usually spend a lot more than that difference to rent the RV per day.

    The Lost Campers link does look like a good option with the best of both travel styles.

    You might google the websites for chains like Super 8, Day's Inn, Motel 6, Econolodge, and Budget Inn to find their locations/rates. If you want to stay in cities or inside national parks, you will be paying a higher rate but these economical chains are plentiful along the way. If the rates inside the cities are too high for you, it might be worth it to stay in a suburb where you will surely find one of these chain motels and make a short drive into the city center each day. Or, if available, use that city's mass transit to avoid traffic issues.

    When I travel, I usually tent-camp but will sometimes stay in one of these lower-priced motels if the weather is bad. I pack a cooler with a good variety of good so that I can save eating in restaurants for good splurge meals where I can spend a bit more, if needed, to eat in a local restaurant known for its regional cuisine. This is a big money-saver as food can cost as much, or more, than a motel if one eats exclusively in restaurants.

    Since budgeting is an issue for you, click on the link in the first paragraph of that post about eating from your cooler for some tips in how to come up with a reasonable travel budget.

    Best wishes and happy planning!

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    do any other companies do those camper van hybrids anywhere else in US?

    i will be starting my trip in chicago and was looking for a cheap campervan for a week and they looked ideal!


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