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    Default Wendover, Shoshone falls, Crater of the Moon


    After staying two days in SLC this summer, we think of going west to the Bonneville Speedway (we'll be there the 8/14 which is the last day of the "speedweek"). Do you know if we can attend to the runs?
    Once there, we can head to Twin Falls (Shoesones falls) : it seems very beautiful but I'm astonished this place is so unknown... it's said "greater than niagara falls"!
    Then our goal is to reach Grand Teton. Maybe visiting Crater of the moon...or Golden Spike...ou something else. In your point of you, what's the best way between twin falls and grand teton? Does Idaho Falls deserve a visit?
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    Default It's a matter of time and "Mother Nature"

    Quote Originally Posted by jctophe View Post
    Do you know if we can attend to the runs?
    Once there, we can head to Twin Falls (Shoshone falls)
    Both of those events are entirely dependent upon "Mother Nature" -- it's entirely possible that by the time you visit in mid-August that the flow will be a mere trickle. What makes these waterfalls so magnificent is the amount of spring flow and that is way to variable to be really compared with Niagara.... Same thing with the end of Speedweek -- yes, if wind and rain cooperates this year, you can drive out and see the final speed trials -- but in recent years -- its been too wet and the final races were actually rained out. The salt beds in a rain storm are memorable (and not in a good way...)

    Craters of the Moon is pretty neat -- lots of photos on the RTA site -- here are a few.


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