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    Default Driving from Toronto to Connecticut - routing?

    I'm making a drive from Toronto, Canada over to Connecticut on Friday evening, and can't decide which route to take:

    1) Through Kingston, Ontario - 81 South to 90 East

    2) Through Buffalo, NY - 90 East all the way

    Option 1 is a little bit of a longer (it's about 40 miles longer), but I wonder if it might be worth it because I might avoid a lot of tolls on the I90?

    I don't have any experience with the I90 east from Buffalo, NY (I always go west) so I don't know how much toll I'll be avoiding by taking the longer route....

    Any thoughts or suggestions?

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    doh! my links didn't paste properly :S

    1) through Kingston:

    2) through Buffalo:

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    Default Tolls

    There is a toll calculator for the New York State Thruway here. The toll looks to be in the $15.00 range.

    Where in Connecticut will you be traveling to? The map is showing Waterbury for some reason, but your parameter simply says "Connecticut, USA".

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    I would recommend the mostly toll-free route - I-81 to NY-17 to I-84.

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