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    Default SF to Denver tips or info!

    Hi Roadtrippers,

    I'm heading over from Australia in a month, and need some advice about how and where I should travel. It looks like this is definately the place to be asking!
    I have 4 nights in SF, and then have 4 nights/days to fill before I need to be in Denver.
    Originally I was to be travelling with my sister, but she's decided she can't afford the road trip part of it, so now I'm flying (...or driving) solo.
    The initial plan was to head to Vegas for a night, then get a car and meander to Denver via Zion, Bryce, Moab etc.
    I'm now not sure if I should be doing it as a "single white female".
    Does anyone have any advice or suggestions on what I could do, or whether it is a bad/good idea to be driving on my own. Are coaches a viable option?
    My sister suggested flying to salt lake city and doing a few full day trips out from there, but if I'm doing that much driving then it makes more sense to me to just do the full trip in one direction.

    Thanks for reading!!


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    Default Sounds like a good plan to me!

    Welcome to the Roadtrip America forums.

    The subject of safety for solo travelers, including female ones, comes up regularly. Many of us here, including myself, have traveled solo frequently without mishap. While we've had many discussions here about solo travel issues, I think the most interesting one was helping BirdyBird get over her fear of doing it, and then her roadtrip report after her trip was completed. You should get tons of good tips reading through these. If you still have questions or concerns after reading through these, please let us know.

    Personally, I couldn't stand to tour this amazing area in a coach. You will miss a lot by doing that.

    If you're interested in Salt Lake City, then your sister's plan might make sense. But you won't be able to get to any of the parks you've mentioned like Zion, Bryce, Moab in a day trip. While all of Utah is quite nice, the northern area near the city is not near as scenic, in my opinion. SLC to Denver would be a nice drive but not nearly as spectacular as the southern parks.

    Are you flying from SF to LV? A part of me thinks this is a good idea so you have more time for the rest of your drive. The other part of me thinks you'll miss some terrific scenery and should drive it. It is a long drive, about 12 hours.

    Here's one possible route you could take. It's about 1250 miles so it's easily covered in 4 days.

    Poke around here in the forum as you'll find many trips similar to what you're planning with ideas on where to stop and what to do. And keep asking questions so we can make suggestions and help you tweak your trip as needed. The planning is a big part of the fun. Enjoy!

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