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  1. Default Summer Road Trip with our kids

    I have a 9 year old and an almost 6 year old. We would like to take a road trip this summer, but we don't know where to go. We live in Fort Worth.

    My husband and I took a trip before they were born all around Washington and Oregon with a rental car (we flew in to Seattle) and loved it; walking around in the rain forest and on the coast. . . but I'm thinking that the kids would want more of a destination to look forward to.

    Any ideas? We only get one week off. We have driven south to San Antonio before, and would prefer to go outside of Texas this time.


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    Default What do the kids want to do?

    Welcome to the Roadtrip America forums!

    With only a week, you're pretty limited unless you want to spend most of your time driving. But I would really involve the kids. They usually enjoy trips far more if they have some input into them. They might just want to play on the beach for a week. Of course, the kids shouldn't have total say as the trip needs to appeal to everybody.

    Just glancing at a map, a few ideas pop into mind:

    1. Houston for the Space Center, then the beaches somewhere between Galveston/Corpus Christi (I'm not familiar enough with the area to recommend a specific beach), then San Antonio for The Alamo, then home. I know there's more to see along this route than I'm mentioning so you should be able to fill your time.

    2. Head east to Carlsbad Caverns for cave exploration (and watch the bats emerge at night, very cool!), White Sands NM to play in the amazing sand there, onto Roswell for some alien fun, and then up to Fort Sumner for some Billy the Kid folklore, and home.

    I suggest you get a good map of Texas and just the adjoining states and let the whole family pour over it, making things that interest them. A good route should appear.

    For some ideas, enjoy poking around Texas Twisted. Don't worry, it's clean fun for the kiddies.

    After you've bounced some ideas around with your family, come on back here so we can help you tweak your trip, if needed, to make it a great time for all.

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    Thank you!! I will do that. Your option 2 sounds really cool to me; we'll see what the kids think. (and hubby)

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    I would also recommend Carlsbad Caverns and White Sands.

    The entire family can take the Natural Entrance and Big Room self guided tours and the Kings Palace guided tour. Kids under 6 are not allowed on the other cave tours. Make sure you stick around and watch the bats leave at sunset. You may want to pack a picnic lunch instead of eating at the park cafeteria.

    Whites City is close to the park, but the town of Carlsbad offers better options on places to stay and eat.

    Your kids will have a blast at White Sands.

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