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  1. Default my baseball roadtrip

    so we are starting in central jersey...

    day 1- drive to pittsburgh 352 mi
    phillies/pirates 7:05 (springhill suites)

    day 2- drive to cleveland 132 mi
    progressive field all access tour (renaissance cleveland)

    day 3- drive to chicago 350 mi
    mets/cubs 1:20
    drive to milwaukee 90 mi
    pirates/brewers 7:05 (best western woodsview inn)

    day 4-drive to st. louis 377 mi
    nationals/cardinals 7:15 (sheraton st. louis city center hotel)

    day 5- drive to cincinnati 358 mi
    dodgers/reds 1:10 (comfort suites newport)

    day 6- drive to detroit 263 mi
    rays/tigers 1:05
    drive 1/2 way to baltimore 275 mi (hotel recommendation?)

    day 7- finish drive to baltimore 275 mi
    yankees/orioles 7:05
    drive home 150 mi

    i am looking for any suggestions anyone may have to make this trip as enjoyable as possible.. also what is a good location to stop 1/2 way between detroit and baltimore?


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    Default you're going to be exhausted!

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think there are several situations where you're probably biting off more than you can really chew. It is easy to forget just how much time a baseball game can take out of your day, and when you try to add hundreds of miles of driving on top of seeing a game, its can wear you out pretty quickly.

    A couple things that really stand out. I would consider the ballpark tour in Cleveland a mid-day stop and try to make some significant progress towards Chicago, probably even trying to stay in or near Chicago rather than trying to race in for the day game.

    I'd also think very long and hard about your Cubs/Brewers double header. You'll have to either leave early from Wrigley or get to Milwaukee late to do both. I've tryed to do something similar, going from a Cubs game to a minor league game in Beloit, WI, about the same distances from Wrigley as Miller Park, and even though it was a short Cubs game, it was still the 4th or 5th inning by the time I got to the second game. Remember, after a 3 hour game, you're going to be looking at close to another hour to get out of the park and back to your car (and that's if you pay extra for easy out parking), and then will be back on the interstate at the peak of rush hour.

    When you consider you'd then be looking at driving another 7+ hours (again remembering you'll be reaching St. Louis at rush hour heading to the game) back the other direction the next day, you're going to be pushing yourself here. You're also going to be pushing yourself to make it to Cinci for a day game after a night game in St. Louis. You probably won't be back to your hotel until at least 11, and you're going to have to be on the road by 6am at the latest to make it to Cinci by gametime.

    I love baseball roadtrips, and I'd recommend that you check out my general advice for baseball roadtrips. But based on my experience of doing these sorts of trips, I think you're going to find what works on paper is going to be more difficult to actually do in reality. Scaling back, or at least making sure you are flexable enough to change things if you find that going to a ballgame is starting to become work, are going to help alot in having a good trip.

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    Concur with Michael's comments. The logical place to stop between DET and BAL would be less than halfway. It's going to be getting late when you finally get out of Detroit, and you have an easy drive the next day to make a night game in BAL, no fighting metro rush hours till you get to BAL. Perhaps somewhere around Youngstown, OH would make the most sense. This would be about 4 hours from DET to Youngstown, then 6 hours to BAL.

    You won't be getting home till the wee hours of the morning, by the way.

    Your EZ-Pass works in IL and IN, but not in OH. I would not try to drive on the IL Tollways without one, delays are considerable at the cash lanes anywhere near rush hour. They use barriers like the GSP, not a ticket system like the NJ/PA/OH/IN turnpikes.

    EDIT: Parking in Chicago around Wrigley Field can be a MAJOR hassle. You must allow a LOT of extra time both in and out. It's only 90 miles from Wrigley to Miller Park, but don't let that fool you. Leaving Wrigley after a weekday day game will take 3 to 4 hours to get there.

    MIL to STL isn't quite as bad as Michael says if you take I-43 to I-90 to I-39 to I-55. It can be done easily in 6 hours, but again, parking in STL is a hassle. I'd hit the hotel first and take public transportation to the game.

    I'd hit the road after the game in CIN and go halfway to DET being that they are day games. Stay somewhere between Dayton and Toledo.
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  4. Default

    thank you both for the advice..

    we dont really mind if we get to mil in the 3rd inning or so, as we dont really care about the actual game. we more want to see the stadium.. that will be our roughest day.
    we were gonna leave mil pretty early the next day (7am) to try to get to a 3:00 anheuser busch tour.. also our hotel in st louis is within walking distance to the ball park.

    we have 4 drivers so we are not as concerned about the amount of driving since we can switch it up.

    EDIT:glc- the ezpass info is very helpful!!
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    Being that the area around Wrigley is total traffic paralysis before and after games and I lived in the Chicago area for 35 years, here's an insider tip.

    Take I-294 (Tri-State Tollway) around Chicago. Get off at Dempster St (US-14) and go east. Drive for about 6 miles, and after you go over I-94 (Edens Expy) watch on the right for the CTA rail station (Skokie Swift). This is the Yellow Line. Park in the lot and take the train to Howard St. Change to the Red Line and get off at Addison St. This is the "EL" right behind the right field wall. After the game, retrace your steps back to Skokie. Take Dempster west to I-94 (Edens Expy) and follow I-94 all the way to Milwaukee.

    The CTA lot is numbered and you pay on the honor system, have $4.00 to stuff into the box outside the station, it has numbered slots. Buy a transit card at the vending machine in the station, you will need $2.25 each way for each person, and the machines do not give change - so $20 will cover it. You may pass the card back to your buddy after going through the turnstile. The transfer at Howard St is free.

    This is also cheaper, as decent parking around Wrigley is about 30 bucks.

  6. Default Agree w/ glc

    Sounds like a great trip, I don't have much to add that these guys haven't already said, just want to amplify glc's point.

    I live about 4 blocks from Wrigley and paralysis is the perfect word for miles around the field on game days. I used to have to drive through that mess to and from work and you sit and sit and sit.....pretty frustrating. It will easily take you 60 minutes to get from Wrigley to the expressway via Irving Park Rd - if you look at a map, it's only 4 miles or so....betcha' Mapquest doesn't tell you it will take an hour to cover those four miles.

    Take glc's advice, take the train in and out, it runs at full speed regardless so you can count on the time that CTA says it will take to get you to the game.

    Have a great trip!

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    And if it's rush hour, it can take you another 2 hours to get to the Wisconsin state line from where you get on the expressway.

  8. Default Funny traffic story - Chicago

    My first Chicago traffic experience, and by far the worst, but to put things into prospective of how it works:

    November, 2001 - I drove in from Michigan for a job interview on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving...about a 4 hour drive. Had the interview at 9:00 AM on Wednesday, it lasted until about 11:00 AM - I grabbed lunch, got back in the auto and thought I was headed back home.....

    12:00 PM - got on 90/94 near O'Hare (Cumberland exit)....4:00 PM, I was at the Ohio 5:00 PM I had made it to the Indiana Toll-Road, needless to say, it took me 5 hours to get through Chicago when there was a mass of people moving the same way at the same time.

    It's pretty much the same for Bears and Cubs games, when they let out, you can pretty much walk at the same speed you will move in traffic...that is not an exaggeration of how slow traffic moves in those areas because 40,000 people are all moving at the same time. It's not the same with White Sox games #1, because they don't often sell out and #2 because U.S. Comisky-Cellular Field is right off 90/94, you get freed up much sooner from neighborhood traffic.

    Oh well, that's my traffic story, you will be best served to take the train in and out or else you might realize that getting to Milwaukee for the night game is a scratch and just go to the next day's game. Miller Park is REALLY impressive to see and I would not cut it from the trip, maybe just think about not trying to do 2 games in 1 day.

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    Default beyond wrigley

    I will certainly recommend that you take the others advice about using mass-transit to Wrigley. The first time I went to the park was on a roadtrip where we were camping up in Lake County, near I-94 a little ways south of the Wisconsin State Line. We left at 4-4:30 for the 7pm game and used the night game remote parking lot off Addison. We didn't get to our seats until the 2nd inning, so now I always use public transit. It won't be as bad, but you're still going to see a lot of traffic, and its still going to be tough to get to Milwaukee even in time for the 3rd or 4th inning.

    Also looking at the schedule, I'm pretty sure that your Chicago/Milwaukee day is on Friday, which means I-94 is going to be even more packed with Chicagoans heading up to Wisconsin for the weekend.

    But moving beyond that, I really think you are underestimating just how busy of a trip you're looking at. My trips have also been with 3 or 4 people and even though they have been slightly-less aggressive schedule wise, we've still decided to scale things back at a times. There have also been times where we've pushed on beyond where we should have, and it certainly affected the enjoyment of the day. The trip you are planning has you either on the road or in a ballpark from the time you get up until the time you go to bed every day for a full week. A schedule like that can really start to suck the fun out of a trip.

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