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    In MA, if you get pulled over, it's "license and registration..." by the nice officer

    In other states when pulled over they ask for proof of insurance.

    On the MA registration that must be in the car, the name of the insurance company is printed, and serves as sufficient proof of insurance in MA. If you don't have insurance the car can't be registered.

    I figure for a MA to FL run a copy of my policy would be a good idea.

    Anyone know more about it?

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    Default always

    Proof of insurance should be found in every car any time it is on the road, and yes, in many states if you are pulled over, you will be asked to show proof of your insurance.

    Now if you are saying should you bring a copy of your entire policy? Thats probably overkill. Every insurance company should be able to provide you with a proof of insurance card that will have the policy number, a contact phone number, and the expiration dates on it. If you have that, then you shouldn't have any problems.

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    Insurance Question: If I am a Massachusetts resident, can a Florida cop cite me for not having proof of insurance when it is not required in MA?

    If you travel outside of Massachusetts to another state within the United States or to Canada, it is recommended to have your insurance policy or get proof of insurance to carry with you. Your agent or insurance company can provide these documents so that you can show them to law enforcement outside of Massachusetts where an insurance card or other proof of insurance is required to be shown.

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