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  1. Default Driving from LA to NYC on 04-15-09, need help

    I have a Limousine business in NYC and with the slow market, i thought of taking an advantage of the current situation. I am buying a Stretch Limousine on 04-15-09 in LA, and driving to NYC. I always wanted to do a cross country trip and this is my time. I am 30 years old, single and will be single on the trip unless someone wants to join me (for the trip).

    I plan to arrive CA on 04-15-09, and then drive to my cousin's to Phoenix AZ and stay overnight there.

    I have about 6-8 days for this entire trip so i planned not to have many plans so i can have some freedome.

    1) Where do i stay overnight between LA and Phoenix AZ where i can have a good 1-2 hour seight seeing or nice sit around a river or lake with a great breakfast?

    2) I will stay overnight in Phoenix and then leave on 17th (Friday) morning to the town of Grand Canyon (on route 64 which is about 225 miles away from Phoenix) and arrive there by noon and spend 2-3 hours there and then head towards monumnet valley.

    3) Now being a New Yorker, single, and first time in the west, i am lost at this point, i have no idea where to stay where to stop by after this point on my way back. I can search on google, but a live help and suggestions would be great. I will have a GPS & Iphone with maps with me.

    4) I initially plan to take Route 70 all the way to NYC, but some interesting stpos would do. I only plan to travel about 400-500 miles per day so i can relax and spend some time seeing the beautiful country.

    5) At last, money is not a problem for this trip now, but i am driving a stretch limousine, and therefore, i want to avoid extreme hills and curves; i doubt if there are any...

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Default adding up

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I've got a few questions about your plan, because a few things aren't adding up.

    It sounds like you are planning to fly to LA, pick up your car, and drive to Phoenix before breakfast. I've got to think picking up a car you've purchased will take a couple hours, plus you'll have to fight traffic to get out of LA. I could see you maybe making it to Phoenix, but I wouldn't expect you to get there until evening at the earliest. Joshua Tree National Park is along the way and could make for a nice stop for a bit.

    With the rest of your trip, does your 6-8 days include your stops in Phoenix? Driving 400-500 miles a day, you're going to need at least 6 days, before you take a day off the road. The Grand Canyon is also a place that is hard to see in just a couple hours, I wouldn't expect to start in Phoenix and make it to Monument Valley the same day.

    Otherwise, you're going to have to start thinking about how you plan to get to I-70. Interstates won't be bad at all for curves, but you're talking about some very mountianous country in Utah and Colorado, where you very well could see some roads that would be tough to navigate by limo.

  3. Default Yes, flying from NYC to LA, and driving back

    Yes, i am flying from NYC to LA on 04-15-09 and then driving back with stops and fun. Sorry, i am just new to this forum and may have not made my self clear.

    1) As i plan to arrive in LA, i will drive towards Phoenix AZ on 15th and stop somerwere in between LA and Phoenix overnight; I would like a suggestion where to stay overnight and that way my trip to Phoenix is just about 200-250 miles for 16th. I plan to arrive Phoenix on the afternoon of 16th and stayover night in Phoenix and leave the early morning next day (Friday)

    2) Grand Canyons: I know, but i only have about 8 days including the stop in Phoenix. I would't mind spending much time in Canyons but then i will cut the trip in later on parts. May be i can leave Phoenix on 17th early morning, and then stop on the way 3-4 in the town of grand canyon and arrive late to monument valley. That way i can spend few hours next day morning in monument valley... What do you say?

    3) As long as i don't have long straight hills and sharp sharp turns, i am okay with the Limousine. It has a strong engine. If it is too tough, i will give the limo a rest and then drive, but i don't want to take the route 40 which many says it is boring.

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  4. Default Driving From Phoenix to NYC

    I posted a thread earlier but now i can't find it and i got only one reply so i am trying again now.

    I have a Limousine business in NYC and being so slow, i am flying in to LA and driving the stretch limo back to NYC with a stop in Phoenix AX. Can someone please help me for the following question.

    1) I plan to leave LA around 3 pm on 04-15-09 (Wed) and then i need to arrive Phoenix next day ( Thursday ) by 4.00 pm. Can anyone suggest a nice place to stay where i can get off the road for a few hours and browse around. I want to stay in a hotel of course.

    2) Now i am leaving phoenix and i want to catch Route 70 East. But, i also want to go through Flagstaff AZ, and the town of Grand Canyon. Now in order to do this, i see that i have to travel through Route 160, Route 163 and Route 191. Does anyone know what is the speed limit on these routes? Are they really hilly and curvy for me to drive the stretch limo. Stretch is not so hard to drive, it's like driving a mini bus, just a little big to handle.

    Once i reach to Route 70, i am good then.

    Thank you

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    1. Getting out of LA at 3pm can be rough. I'd probably try to make it to Palm Springs. There really aren't any lakes along your route - it is after all, a desert - but the Palm Springs area is a popular resort area. It's only about 4 hours from there to Phoenix.

    2. 64, 89, 160, 163, and 191 are generally smooth single lane roads with a 65 mph speed limit. They do go through mountainous areas, but there is nothing extreme. People drive RV's on them all the time, and they are no easier to drive than a stretch limo.

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    I noticed that you will be going through Monument Valley traveling from west to east. I have attached the "famous" picture, which is taken going from east to west, it's somewhere around the 13 mile marker on 163 in Utah. There is a place to pull out (it will be on your left) to get out of your car to see it. I took this picture from the pullout. This also shows you the kinds of roads you will be traveling on.
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