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  1. Default 3 Week Road Trip, Toronto - New York City

    Hi All,

    I'm joining my friends in Toronto on May 20th for a short 3 week road trip, and flying back home (to the UK) from New York City on June 11th.

    I just wondered, is it feasible that we'll be able to see the following? We've got in mind, Waterbury VT, Portland ME, Boston MA, then driving past New York in order to see Philadelphia and Washington, then doubling back for a 6 night stay in NYC and flight home.

    We are staying 2 nights in Toronto and 6 in New York, so they are the only commitments we have.
    I'd love some advice as to whether how much its possible to cram in, in a small timeframe, bearing in mind we'd rather see fewer places in more detail, rather than more places on a whistlestop tour.

    Any advice is appreciated as none of us have ever done a road trip before...

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    Default Quite Possible

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Depending on how much detail you'd like to see in each place, the week and a half or so that you have for your tour of New England and the east coast should work fairly well for you. You're longest day of driving would be the first one to Waterbury. But it will be quite a scenic route along the north shore of lake Ontario, along the St. Lawrence River, skirting the northern edge of the Adirondacks, and across Lake Champlain. I recommend the Grand Isle - Plattsburgh ferry. I'll assume you'll spend a day in Waterbury, then another half day to drive to Portland and a day and a half there. Boston is only a couple of hours from Portland, so almost two full days in Boston where the Freedom Trail will take you to most of the historic sites. It won't take a full day to drive to Philly, it'll just feel like it. But be sure to see Elfreth's Alley and the S. 9th St outdoor Italian Market as well as the more well known sites such as Independence Hall and the Franklin Institute. Another 2-3 hour drive will take you to Washington, spend two days there and another day to get you back to New York and you've spent 11-12 days. So you con, I think, throw another day or two at some place that intrigues you and not be terribly rushed anywhere in your journey.


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    Thanks very much for a quick response.

    So by your reckoning, the whole trip can be undertaken without feeling like we're in a big hurry etc?

    I know it must sound silly to a lot of you, but here in the UK, we can't even comprehend that kind of land mass, the entire length of the UK itself is only around 750 miles! We would consider anything 300 miles plus as a very long car trip!

    Can anyone else offer their opinion on the feasibility/practicality of this trip?

    Many thanks AZBuck
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    We consider a full day's drive as 550 miles on Interstate highways.

  5. Default Diversion?

    One of my friends has raised the idea of driving round to cape cod. As the ferry seems quite expensive + would ferry us back to boston anyway, would it make sense to get up a few hours earlier in order to drive to provincetown?

    We would save an hour or two driving if we didnt get the ferry, as when we return from provincetown, we'd be further down the coast, going toward NYC etc, if that makes sense?

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    anyone able to offer advice?

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    Default Not me!

    At least not from personal experience anyway. I've never had the pleasure of driving in that area.

    This post has links to other discussions here; some of them might be helpful. You'll find some other links here. I hope they give you some ideas and that someone with more personal experience in that area will pop in here.

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    Downtown Boston to Provincetown is 115 miles. It can be done in 2.5 hours as long as the traffic is not bad. Provincetown to NYC is 300 miles, you will need at least 6 hours to drive it, more if the traffic is bad. The highway on the Cape is not a full expressway all the way. Traffic will be rough around Providence and on I-95 as you get close to NYC.

    Boston to NYC is 215 miles and takes at least 4 hours. The inland route through Hartford, then 91, 691, 84, and 684 to 287 (then follow the routing below) is fastest.

    Bottom line - BOS - P'town - NYC is not a recommended single day drive.

    EDIT - just noticed that you want to bypass NYC and go to Philly. From P'Town, you will want to get off I-95 at Milford and jog over to the Merritt Parkway. Take it to 287, over the Tappan Zee, and down the Garden State Parkway to the NJ Turnpike.

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