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    So the dates I'm looking at are Sept. 1-10 for a one-way road trip from Anchorage to Seattle. The travelers will be me, my wife, and our (will-be) 14-month-old daughter. The car is a full-sized four door sedan.

    1) Should I follow the Alaska Highway all the way, or take the "Klondike Loop" over the Top of the World Highway and whatnot?

    2) How cold?

    3) Is that enough time? I think it is...

    4) Would it be feasible to get a tent in Anchorage and camp at night rather than seek out hotels and motels every night? Will it be too cold to do this? Do most of the campgrounds along the Alaska Highway have any facilities (drinking water, toilets, showers)?

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    This is going to be a long arduous journey, no matter how you slice it, so I think I'd keep my ultimate goal, a safe trip to Seattle, in front of me at all times. The Tops of the World Highway up to Dawson, is just too remote and too far out of your way to fit within that guideline. In early September, you can expect temperatures in Whitehorse, for example to be around 60 in the early afternoon, dropping down to around 40 at night. But of course those are average highs and lows, you may experience more extreme variation and snow is not entirely out of the question.

    Yes, 10 days should give you a comfortable margin and allow you some sight seeing time en route. I'm simply not familiar enough with the Alaska Highway to be giving you what is essentially survival advice, but all your questions about what's available in terms of campgrounds and motels should be covered in the latest issue of The Milepost.


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    I would be a bit concerned driving a standard sedan on long stretches of unpaved roads without lots of preparation - such as multiple spare tires. This right there, along with responsibility for an infant/toddler, would keep me on the paved highway.

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    What do you think about camping out? Would I be best advised to stick to the motels?

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    If you have room in the car for your camping gear, you can certainly play that by ear.

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    Along the Alaska Highway your camping spots with facilities will be in the towns... Beaver Creek, Whitehorse, Watson Lake, Fort Nelson, Dawson Creek, etc. Other campgrounds are very basic, without showers, drinking water, etc. You may like to check with places along your route, because when I made this trip in August 2004, I was finding many places ready to close up for the season.

    Have you considered the Alaska to the Cassiar Highway to Yellowhead Highway to Prince George and to Vancouver via the Sea to Sky Highway. Lots to see along that route, and quite a bit shorter than the Alaska Highway all the way. And the availability of services is much the same.

    Have to agree with AZBuck, a copy of The Milepost is essential. (For this year's trip, my copy is already waiting for me in MN.)

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