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    Default NJ to FL (and back?)

    So I left central NJ yesterday via the scenic route. Took the lovely garden state parkway to Cape May. Took the ferry to DE and drove to Virginia beach. The weather was lovely and only got better. The ferry ride was great and we saw some harbor seals on the break water in the middle of the harbor.

    The ride to Virginia Beach was fairly quick considering we took the scenic route. After staying at a shabby but clean travelodge we stopped at the Pocohontas Pancake house. The waffles are the best. Especially the chocolate chip ones.

    The only disappointment was the Virginia Beach Aquarium. Run down doesnt even begin to cover it. Its oddly laid out with half the aquarium being far enough away that you should drive to it. Saw the whole thing in less than an hour.

    We drove from there down to Rt 12 in the outer banks and had a shockingly quick and pretty ride. I had been worried about traffic jams but I guess its early enough in the season that its not an issue. Stopped on got a kite but was scared to use it since it was soooo windy!!

    The ride through Cape Hatteras National Seashore was truly beautiful and we took some pictures of the lighthouse but couldnt climb it since it doesnt open for another week. The ferry ride to ocracoke was fun since everyone on board must have thrown 10 lbs of chips to the sea gulls following the boat.

    The best part so far has been ocracoke itself. It was a lovely ride to our motel the Silver Lake Motel. The motel itself its very pretty with wood paneling and a sunset view. We are looking to bike around town tomorrow morning before taking the Cedar Island ferry to NC.

    So far so good!
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    Default Wonderful to hear thus far

    Thanks for the tip about the aquarium and I'm so glad you are enjoying Ocracoke!


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    Default Outer Banks, NC

    Next time you're there, if you have the time, check out the Lost Colony play on Manteo; very nice production about the english colony that disappeared. Sounds like you had a good trip; planning on riding from S. MD to Kill Devil Hills next weekend for a VMC rally, hope the weather holds.

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