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    Default Summer roadtrip down the 101

    Hello Everyone!!

    My wife and I are planning a road trip starting In Vancouver B.C and would like to get to San Diego. I would like to take the 101 Hwy and have approx 14 days to travel.

    I would love to hear suggestions on renting a car, hotel/motels, attractions, food etc. We would be leaving on the 5 of July.

    Thanks for any responses

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    Default Bits and Pieces

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    I'm not sure of your plan or how we can be of help to you. Is this a one-way or round trip? If it's one-way, you're going to have a problem with renting a car in Canada and leaving it in San Diego. In fact, I'd be surprised if you can find a company that will let you do that. You may have to use alternate transportation to get to Seattle and rent the car there, but even then you should be prepared to pay several hundred dollars to drop the car off some 1400 miles from where you picked it up. Hotels/Motels come in all price and luxury levels, but you can almost always find something to meet your needs on the fly. The exception to this would be, as in your case, when traveling in seasonally limited tourist areas during high season, Still if you can make do with something up on the highway rather than on the beach, you should still be able to find something, but expect to pay high season rates. Finally, July 4 is a major holiday in the U.S., so be prep0ared as well for plenty of traffic, at least for the first few days of your trip.


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    Thank you for your quick reply!!

    I would be going round trip, so I would end up back In Vancouver around the 17th of July. I was thinking of taking the 101 down the coast all the way to San Diego, then returning on the I-5 because It's faster. What do you think? I was also hoping to hit Napa valley..(I'm Italian and I live for wine) so any advice on accomodations around there would be great. I realize It will be a major holiday In the states around when I leave, but I was hoping to catch a beautiful Fireworks display somewhere too. I'm planning now so I could book online In the places I would like to stay, but I don't really know all of the hot spots so any help would be great.

    Thanks again for any help.

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    I would take as much of the CA-1 coast highway as possible. 101 south of SF is essentially just another freeway like I-5.

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    Default Driving down 101

    Great drive! We'd driven from Crater Lake so we hit 101 in Cresent City. If you should decide to veer off the path, go back up CA199 a bit to Jedediah State Park. It's a beautiful drive with lots of wildlife (we saw black bear & Roosevelt Elk) before heading down the Avenue of Giants, Prairie Creek & Redwoods.
    Along the way be sure to check out Patrick's Point (an agate beach), a great stop to stretch your legs. It was fun to look for agates & we found handfuls.
    Further south is Point Reyes. A short drive off of 101, you drive through cattle ranches, some dating back to the 1800's to reach the Point.
    If you head into Calistoga/Napa Valley, take your time. It's a nice drive. We detoured to the Petrified Tree & the Geyser just for fun before heading down 101 to San Fran.

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    Default How are you planning on splitting up your trip?

    7 days each way? Or most days down with a quick trip home. You can make it back up I-5 in two days but that's pretty heavy driving. Three days would be better, and this would leave you 11 days to get to San Diego down the coast.

    I'd drive south on I-5 to Burlington WA and then west onto Whidbey Island, taking the Keystone-Port Townsend Ferry to the Olympic Peninsula. Head west on 101 which will then curve south and take you all the way to San Francisco. It's a beautiful drive.

    It's really hard to recommend specific places to stay because you might want to linger longer in some places, and zip through other places. How do we know when you might want to stop for the night?

    This post will give you links to several other posts that might give you some ideas of what to see and do. I suggest you also get out a map and look at what the coast has to offer. You might also google "tourism ____name of state____" to discover what there is to see along the way.

    Once you've done a bit of research on your own and have a rough-draft of your itinerary, come on back here and we'll help you tweak it, if needed, and can offer more specific suggestions.

    Happy planning!

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