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  1. Default Honeymoon road trip advice......Coast to Vegas

    hi, this is my first post and hope you guys can help!
    My new bride & I will be driving from the west coast (Highway 1 - Pizmo/Santa Barbara) on 19/20 May, we are driving across to Vegas....wanted to know opinions on our 3 options....
    1. SB to Vegas in 1 go (c380miles?) on interstates (meaning extra night at coast over 2&3 below)
    2. SB to Vegas via Mojave & maybe Big Bear - c500miles - need stopover? If so where?
    3. SB to Death Valley - stay in DV and then over to Vegas via Red Rock

    Will need route info to get off coast without going through LA....

    Any advice very gratefully received.......


    John & Libby

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    Default Decisions, decisions !

    Congratulations on your up coming wedding.

    Hello and welcome to the R.T.A forums !

    It all comes down to personal choice and what you feel is right for you, but seeing as you are asking, I would opt for No.3. For lodging in Death valley you have Stovepipe wells and Furnace creek which are both popular choices. It's a great landscape and is worth the time IMO. You will be best off getting to the 395, it will depend on where you start out from, but Pismo Beach would be 101/46/99 to Bakersfield and 58/14/395. When you get to Olancha take the 190 across DV to Death valley junction and the Ash Meadows/State line rd to Pahrump and the 160 to Vegas [and Red rock]. This takes you through both places I mentioned earlier as well as the Sand dunes and with a short detour you can go to Badwater, the lowest spot in the US, as well as other great viewpoints.

    From SB take the 101 south and 126/1-5/14 to 395

  3. Default getting there......

    Dave, thanks for the reply. we have now made reservations in furnace creek for the eve. A question on route over from coast, is the 14 better than the 178 which runs more northern route out of bakersfield? The 14 appears also to run through an area called "red rock canyon" which has confused us as thought that was near vegas!!?

    Can't seem to find your directions from DV to vegas on my google map - isn't it the 95 all the way? and is Parump taking the east or south exit from DV?

    thanks for help.


  4. Default Honeymoon roadtrip in California/Nevada... the itinerary is coming together and we now have 1 night left to sort so need your expert advice please.....

    Day1 arrive in SFran helicopter trip at night - (best ones!?)

    Day 2-3 SFran (including a giants game!!)

    Day 4-5 Carmel highlands - Pink Ranch place

    Day 6-7 Cambria (things to do around here!?)

    Day 8 - this is where i need help - Pizmo? Santa Maria? SBarbara?

    Bearing in mind.....

    Day 9 - Drive over to Death Valley - Furnace Ranch

    Day 10 - Drive to LV (via Red Rock) - should we take in Cambrian Mts?

    Day 11-14 Vegas (1 day trip in Canyon via Pappillon) at palazzo....

    Any thoughts of stuff to do in these locations and of course help with o/n day 8 greatly appreciated...

    Will post trip report (minus gory newlywed details!)

    Loads of thanks J&Lx

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    Default Just one option of many.

    Hi J&L,

    Here is a link to the suggested route to make it easier to explain.

    There are many Red rock canyons and you are right on both counts. Redrock National conservation area NV. and here's Red rock canyon state recreation area CA.

    Of course you can juggle your route as you wish and as you are staying at the Furnace creek resort you will have time to do some exploring as it's not a long drive to Vegas. You could explore Badwater and then head towards Beatty and visit Rhyolite ghost town or the other way around. As there are many options you can have a good look around the Death valley site for more ideas.

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