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  1. Default San Francisco to Miami - advice please

    Hi there,

    My hubbie and I are leaving San Francisco on 8th September (after three nights there) and travelling this planned route:

    Las Vegas
    Grand Canyon
    Amarillo (via Albuquerque, although not to fussed about it)

    this is as far as we've got! obviously we may have to stop over in places along the way. We have estimated that we will have roughly 12 days left, we leave from Miami and would like to go to the Florida keys first for a night or two.

    Any suggestions on Nasville to Florida?

    We were thinking of going to Washigton DC first, or even up to Niagara Falls, then DC, then Florida - do you think this is doable? or are we being over ambitious? this is our first road trip across the states (we are from Wales, UK) although we both drive so we can share it.

    Also, we hoped to do Monument Valley, I'd love to hear suggestions on how to incorprate that after the GCanyon before heading to Amarillo???? We do not plan to book hotels in advance, do you think it would be a problem in the area in mid Sept?

    Finally (sorry! best to ask it all at once) any tips or advice on car rental? The best quote I've had for 32 days (ok it is for a convertible!) is £958.00/$1341.00.......and then the dreaded one way drop fee!!!! which is $250.00 paid locally (not too bad!)

    Thanks in advance for your help and advice.

    Welshgirl x

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    Default Monument Valley

    Monument Valley is definitely doable. If you leave the Grand Canyon via the east entrance, you are not all that far from Monument Valley. It is such an incredible place, one feels like taking a photo almost every mile.

    From there you could go and see Four Corners. You have to have been to Four Corners.

    And may I suggest that you then go to Mesa Verda (in southwest Colorado), before making your way to Sante Fe and on to Amarillo.

    As for going to Niagara Falls and / or DC, I would think it all just a bit out of your way. But others more knowledgable will be along soon to give the definitives on that.

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