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    After much dithering -and help from this forum - we have finally settled on a two week trip to the national parks in late July early August with our two kids aged 13 and 9.
    We start in Las Vegas and move on to snow canyon (one night), Zion (three nights),Bryce (three nights) and Grand Canyon North Rim (Three nights). But we have three nights between Bryce and Grand Canyon and I cannot decide whether we should spend three nights at Lake Powell or if we should do something else for part of that period. I think the kids would love Monument Valley but am not sure if it is out of the way given the next stage to the Grand Canyon North Rim. Would it be worth one day at Monument and would this mean a very long day in the rv afterwards to lake powell. Or can one take day trips to Monument from Lake powell? Also, I would welcome any recommendations for RV camping at Lake Powell - I am a bit put off by what seems to be the leisure resort aspect which i suspect means very crowded and noisy. We like to have hookups but dont need brights lights and bars. Finally for the trip from the North Rim back to Las Vegas we will have one night and any recommendations for a good place to finish off the trip would be welcome.
    and if anyone looking at this itinerary has suggestions for backroads we should take, for places to stop off for a quick visit/lunch, or for activities that the kids will love (they will love the parks and ranger programmes i am sure) I would be most grateful.Also suggestions for the kids in Las Vegas where we will spend a whole day and night at the beginning of the trip while we wait to collect the rv.
    Thanks in advance
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    Hi, welcome back.

    Are your dates pre booked ?

    From Bryce you could head to Capitol Reef /Hanksville on scenic 12 and 24 and South on 95 heading towards Monument valley and then to Lake Powell and back to the North rim, creating a nice loop. It's a very scenic drive and you would have the option of braving the;

    Moki dugway !

    Notice the road to the left of the picture and where it joins at the bottom!

    [You can go around this if you wish]

    It would keep you on the move but as I said the views are fantastic, and by leaving Bryce half a day early would give you a more relaxed pace.

    If not Lake Powell and Monument valley would be easy options with 3 days to play with. I would head from Bryce to MV and have a night there before heading back to Lake Powell.

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    thanks southwest dave for your advice to our post. the pictures are beautiful. we are all very excited now and can hardly wait. our dates are fixed for a little more than two weeks from 20 july.
    all the best

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    and in case you are confused about the different names on the messages, the previous post was from my partner.

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    Default Your welcome !

    And if you would like any other info let us know.

    Have a great trip and pop by and let us know how it went on your return.

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    A couple more Dugway pics for you - this was a week after it was graded and it was still pretty washboardy. I have a 2wd full size pickup and the back end was definitely chattering going down.
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