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  1. Default Coast to coast and back in a month. Possible?


    My wife and I were thinking about spending a month this summer on the road. From NJ we were planning on shooting through the Deep South to head to New Orleans, then drive along the Southern border hitting TX, AZ, then the Grand Canyon to Las Vegas and San Diego. Then we were going to go up the Pacific Coast Highway to SF. Then see Yosemite and Yellowstone and head east back home.

    We'd like to do this all in a month. Is this possible? I know we have some long days of driving ahead of us. What do you think?

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    Default certainly

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Its certainly possible to do the kind of trip you are talking about, and we have lots of people plan similar trips. You'll need to plan for about a week of pure driving to make it from coast to coast, but that would still give you a good 2 weeks worth of time just have fun and have days just to explore.

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    Hi Mike, thanks for responding.

    Glad to hear this can be possible. I'm wondering if I'm just cramming too much in a relatively short period of time. This still could be the case but I guess it's all about budgeting one's time in certain must-see areas.

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    Default Ask your wife

    When I told my brothers I was taking a less ambitious trip (So' Cal' to the southernmost tip of Alaska and back), a sister-in-law told one of my brothers to tell me not to do it. She said she'd divorce him for taking her on so long of a road trip. My wife is much more adventurous and understanding!

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    Default Sure is !

    Quote Originally Posted by bmy78 View Post
    I guess it's all about budgeting one's time .
    That's the great thing about the road trip, you can go at your own pace and decide how long you want to be in each place [within your own time restraints] giving you control over making the perfect adventure for you as individuals.

    The forums and road trip planning pages are cram packed with ideas for you to explore so I would get the map out and hit the search button to give you ideas and how you can best fit them into your plan.

    As you build your itinerary keep asking questions, as and when you need to, and we will be able to "fine tune" it with you.

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    I am currently in the planning process for a trip very similar to this, but I am, doing it in 15 days. It is very possible, and with a month time window, you should be able to spend ample time at each destination.


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