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    By RV we want to drive from Las Vegas to Sequoia (9th of May). But we are still looking a most sufficient route with less driving time, having scenic route. Following are two options.

    1. LV - SQ (directly via Bakerfield, in one day).

    2. LV - Death Valley - SQ. If we spend one day in DV, how long (drive hours) does it take from here to SQ ?.

    We are grateful if you help us through this.


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    Default same way

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    If you go via Death Valley, you still basically have to head to Bakersfield to get around the Sierras and head to Sequoia. At this time of year, your options are fairly limited on how you can get over the mountains.

    Just doing a sprint from Vegas to Sequoia going directly through Bakersfield would be about an 8 hour trip. Add Death Valley to that, and you're looking at 11-12 hours, plus whatever time you actually spend looking around DV.

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    Default Death Valley

    If you plan to go through Death Valley, a good route is to take US-95 to just south of Beatty, and then enter Death Valley via NV-374 (which becomes CA-178/190W). If you're into ghost towns, take the 10-minute detour into Rhyolite. It's worth the little side trip. If you're driving straight through Death Valley the main places to see on that route are the Devil's Cornfield and sand dunes near Stovepipe Wells. The drive on CA-190 that takes you to US-395 will cross two mountain ranges, and you'll notice a huge temperature difference in the mountains from Stovepipe Wells. CA-190W will take you to I-395S. Follow it to CA-14/178S. This will take you to CA-58 near Mojave, and CA-58W will take you into Bakersfield. This route will take over 9 hours of pure driving from Las Vegas to Bakersfield. From Bakersfield to Sequoia figure at least another 2 1/2 hours.

    If you'd rather see Furnace Creek (where the National Parks visitor center is) and Badwater (the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere), hang a left on CA-178/190E before Stovepipe Wells and stay on CA-178 at Furnace Creek. Follow it to Shoshone and turn right on CA-127S. That will take you to Baker. From Baker take I-15S to Barstow, and then take CA-58W to Bakersfield. Figure about 14 hours of straight driving on this route to get from Las Vegas to Sequoia this way. I wouldn't recommend it unless you leave at the crack of dawn and are ready for a tiring day.

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    Default A couple of thoughts.

    Without knowing where you need to be after Sequoia or how long you have there it's difficult to say anything other than has been said, it will be an extremely long day.

    Death valley is an amazing landscape and it would be a shame to miss out so if you can juggle your time to suit, you could consider stopping before Sequoia and heading through the park the next day as it is slow going, especially with an RV.
    Three rivers has a campground right on the doorstep of Sequoia that is fine for an overnight stop but that depends on whether you are travelling up the Generals Highway [198] from the South or carrying on to the 180 and Squaw valley and down the Generals highway, in which case as near to Visalia as you can get would be an option for the night. This is the recommended route for RV'S over 24ft in length, but it is only a recommendation, we went from Three rivers in a 30ft, it was a bit of a work out and got tight in places but it was OK. [Not for everyone though].
    If you can find an extra night for this part of your journey Lake Isabella would be a short detour and a pretty good bet for an overnight stop between the two parks.

    If you are staying on the Strip or Oasis RV park I would head to DV via the 160 to Pahrump and then take the Ash Meadows/State line road to Death valley junction and the 190. This will take you through Furnace creek and Stovepipe Wells to the 395 at Olancha.

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    Thank you for the advice.

    From Las Vegas we will travel further to Sequoia, Yosemite and San Francisco. Actually we do not want to spend the night at Death Valley in order to saving time for SQ and YS.
    Because we have planned only one hole day in SQ (09.05) and two days in YS (10/11.05)
    Another option is spending a night in DV (08.05) and next day go through SQ directly to YS, which means we have to stay as close as possible to SQ.

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