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    Default East Coast Drive from New York to Miami


    Me and my friend are coming to USA from Finland for 2 weeks in July. We're planning to drive all the way down from New York to Miami in less than 10 days. The 1st draft of our travel plan is pretty much the following:

    Any tips or considerations that we should take into account?
    Places that we should definitely see, roads that we should definitely drive on, hotels that we should definitely use..

    All help is greatly appreciated!


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    Default Great job planning!

    It looks like you've put a lot of time and thought into your route. And I love pulling up a Google map designed for a foreign country. It's interesting to see the non-English captions.

    Welcome to the Roadtrip America forums.

    Unfortunately, I can only greet you to the forum and not offer much advice as I'm a West-Coaster and unfamiliar with most of the East Coast. But I can point you to a few other discussions about this area that might give you some tips:
    Miami to NYC
    Massachusetts to Florida

    These should get you started. And I'm sure someone familiar with these areas will pop in to get you more personalized tips.

    Keep asking questions and happy planning!

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    Thanks for the welcome, Judy.

    Hehe, I actually though of changing that map to english but decided to leave it as it is. I'm pretty sure everyone will get the "big picture" regardless of the language in captions :)

    Thanks for the links to those other discussions. I'll browse them through as I'm sure there will be some valuable information for us.

    Our travel plan has already changed a bit. I think we'll skip Raleigh and head to the Outer Banks instead. As We are both enthusiastic photographers, I think that the coastal route is definitely better for us.

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    Default One North Carolinian's perspective

    Hello Jay,

    Although I love my home city, it struck me as odd you'd visit Virginia Beach, come inland to Raleigh, then right back to Wilmington, NC.

    By all means consider taking NC 12 all the way from Nag's Head down to Hatteras Village, thence the ferry to Ocracoke, thence the longer ferry to Cedar Island, and from there US 70 through beautiful Beaufort to Morehead City. There you can link up with coastal roads through the US Marine Corps base and link up with US 17 near Sneads Ferry (town name--no longer a ferry ride there) and head right in to Wilmington. Along the way, you'll pass close to the Currituck Lighthouse (at Corolla, NC), drive right by the Bodie Island Lighthouse, Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, and the Ocracoke Lighthouse. A short passenger ferry from Harker's Island, NC, takes you to the Cape Lookout Lighthouse, and you'll pass directly by Harker's Island on US 70 near Beaufort.

    Enjoy the planning and the RoadTrip!

    Raleigh, NC

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    Hey Foy

    That detour to Raleigh was actually one of the things that we weren't sure about. There are no specific reason why we would want to go there, apart from Carolina Hurricanes of course :) I'm quite a hockey fan and Raleigh popped into mind when planning the route. But like said, the Outer Banks will propably give us more in terms of photography and sightseeing in general.

    Thanks for the suggestion and especially for those good detailed instructions. We'll seriously consider your advice.

    It will be interesting to see how much the original plan will change before our road trip actually starts :) I don't mind though. We enjoy every minute of the planning and are just aiming for the best possible experience.

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    Default The 'Canes


    Yes, the Carolina Hurricanes (referred to as just "The 'Canes" around here) are the darlings of our fair city. I like hockey but have never been a big fan and have attended fewer than two dozen games since they came here in 1997.

    But, the only game I went to during the 05/06 season was Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. I thought the roof was going to blow off of the arena! The crowd stood for the entire game, and when the breakaway which sealed the margin began late in the 3rd period, Oh My Gosh, was it ever loud in there.


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