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  1. Default From Seattle to San Diego: car rental or transport car from NY to Seattle?


    I'm planning a 3 to 4 week road trip from Seattle to San Diego in the beginning of May. I consider to ship my car from NY where I live to Seattle and back to NY from San Diego. I'm wondering if transporting is not a big hassle + cheaper than renting a car in Seattle (which has to be returned in San Diego). Has anyone experience with transporting his vehicle or is it just easier (and just as expensive) to rent a car for 4 weeks??

    Thanks! Sebastian

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    Default much cheaper

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    You're going to have to price things out to get any exact numbers, but I would bet that renting car is going to be much cheaper than trying to paying someone to ship your car cross country, twice. Not to mention, you'd have to be without a car for at least the week before you leave and after you return home. I'd encourage you to get prices and find out for sure, but I wouldn't be surprised if having your car shipped costs twice as much as getting a rental.

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    Default Shipping vs. Driveaway

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    The cost of transporting your car across country will largely depend on whether you really want to have it shipped on a long haul truck by a professional driver, in which case the charges would be in the $800 to $1000 range each way from what I could find doing a quick search for such companies and their charges, or whether you would be comfortable using a 'driveaway' service that matches your car's starting and ending points with someone willing to drive it. This would be somewhat cheaper, but I could not find any prices quoted on line. I did use this service about 10 years ago to get a car from New York to Arizona and as I recall it was several hundred dollars, again one way. So my best guess is that it will be considerably cheaper to just leave your own car at home and rent a car for around $200/week, or even less if you're lucky.


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