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    I'm very new to this, so please bear with my naivety ;-)

    A friend and I decided, a couple of weeks ago, that we would like to see some of the states this summer, only over a couple of weeks (we want to plan an extended visit next year). We dreamt up the idea of firstly, flying to Las Vegas and staying for a few days, then hiring a car and driving to Los Angeles and staying there for a few days, then driving to San Francisco and staying there for a few days, then taking an internal flight to New York and staying there for the remainder. This all sounded great and I began to price it all up. I knew it would be expensive but, probably through a lack of knowledge in terms of planning, it came out at about £2000 each, which is too much.

    I was wondering if anyone could suggest a method of planning (like taking last minute flights, staying in motels etc.?) that might allow us to do something like this on the cheap.

    Any advice on this trip would be greatly received; we're still very much open to suggestion with regards to the particular cities and travel directions.

    Thanks in advance,


    P.S. we're travelling from the uk
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    If all you want to do is see those cities, I would not rent a car - use bus, train, or internal flights between the cities. The only inexpensive lodgings in the big cities will be hostels.

    Next year, budget a lot more, both money and time, and rent a car for a proper tour!

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    Hello and welcome to R.T.A.

    If you are doing an extended trip next year why not keep this trip in the West and leave New York for the next time. [Or the other way around]. You would be able to get a cheaper return flight to and from Vegas [for example] rather than flying in and out of different city's, plus the cost of an internal flight and instead do a round trip to LA and SF from there. Not only do you have the city's but some great National parks such as Grand canyon, Death valley and Yosemite and with only 2 weeks will keep you plenty busy enough. This is a very popular round trip with great city's and fantastic scenery.

    Look out for surcharges on the car rental if you are under 25, there will be one.

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    That's some great advice, greatly received. Thank you both very much!
    We wanted to make Manhattan a good few days of our trip ('touristy' as it is) cos I've been a couple of times over the years and know my buddy would love it.
    However, I'm thinking of still hiring a car and driving maybe South from NY. Do you have any advice as to what directions to head in, and what cities/sites are reachable within the timeframe?

    I'll apologise now for the amount of posts I'm likely to make on this subject; it's something we both really want to do, and I'm just beginning to explore the possibilites available.

    Thanks in advance ;-)

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    Default East or West

    I agree that concentrating on either the West or East coast this trip and saving the other coast for another time is your best bet. It sounds like you're staying in the East.

    We generally recommend that people limiting their driving day to 550 miles. This will allow you a few hours to explore while still being able to burn some miles. However, if you want to explore in depth, you'll want to drive far less than that.

    For example, you could drive from NYC to Raleigh, NC, in one day (it's 513 miles). But why would you want to? There are literally hundreds of things to explore between the two places that you'd have to zip by or only take fairly brief stops at.

    It would be easier to advise you if we had an idea of what types of things you enjoy doing/seeing. Obviously, if you're into the club scene, NYC and other cities like Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington DC are probaby going to be where you'd want to go. If that's the case, you might enjoy taking the train and not hassling with a car as you won't need one in the cities. But if you want outdoor activities, national parks, etc., then you'll need a car and other suggestions. Give us some clues to help us help you.

    I would advise against getting a car during your time in NYC. Public transit would be far more convenient there.

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    Default Fire away !

    Quote Originally Posted by jamesey View Post

    I'll apologise now for the amount of posts I'm likely to make on this subject; it's something we both really want to do, and I'm just beginning to explore the possibilites available.

    Thanks in advance ;-)
    No need to apologise, that's what the forums are for.

    As Judy pointed out there are loads of options so I would use the search button to explore the forums and have a look at the road trip planning pages for things that appeal to you and keep asking questions in this thread as and when you need to.

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