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    Hello, great community you have here. My best friend and I have begun planning a possible August trip from Chicago to Los Angeles, with a bunch of stops in between. Right now the locations we've picked at tentative, I'm going to pick a few travel books from my public library, then we'll narrow down the spots we want to visit.

    So far Chicago>Mt. Rushmore>Yellowstone>Seattle>San Francisco>LA>Vegas>Bonneville Salt Flats>Salt Lake City>Denver>Chicago

    I know that's way too much to visit in the time we have (2 weeks). I think we might get rid of Seattle, it should save us at least three days. We might go directly to Salt Lake City from Yellowstone, then through Yosemite. The only problem is we really want to drive down Hwy. 1, and skipping Seattle might complicate things.

    I know we want to sleep in LA and San Francisco at least 2 days, Las Vegas should be around 36 hours. I want to plan the trip were we would drive approx. 800 miles and then relax and sight see. The only problems with that plan are the drives between Chicago and Mt. Rushmore, it's 13 hours, and I can't seem to find something particularly interesting in between. Obviously the trip back is also lacking points of interest. If you guys can mention some great places to visit, that would be great.

    We're going to drive in my 09 Lancer, it gets around 30MPG on the highway, so gas shouldn't be too bad. We want to camp at least a few nights, since the mote/hotel bills would start piling up. I was thinking $1000/person should be enough. We'll mostly eat food purchased from supermarkets, and kept in a cooler, so food shouldn't be too costly.

    Are 14 days not enough?

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    Default Real time.

    Hi zozin, Welcome to the R.T.A forums !

    I know that's way too much to visit in the time we have (2 weeks).
    Are 14 days not enough?
    I think you have answered your own question. ;-)

    With 5 1/2 days spent in SF, LA and Vegas it leaves you 8 1/2 days to cover over 5500 miles and wanting to take the slower PCH down the coast from Seattle to LA, which if you done this in 3 1/2 days would leave you 5 days to cover over 4350 miles plus detours and time at any of those places you have mentioned.

    As you can clearly see something has to give.

    The only problems with that plan are the drives between Chicago and Mt. Rushmore, it's 13 hours.
    Straight from the mapping program !

    Sorry, but they are totally unrealistic for travel times. To cover 935 miles in 13 hours would mean you have to travel from the moment you close your car door and untill it comes to a halt at your destination at an average of over 70mph.
    This means being able to travel for 13 hours without re-fuelling, eating, stretching your legs or going to the bathroom for that duration. [Dam clever them machines, Lol ]

    Realistically we have found that you can average around 57mph on a main route with stops and not racing the clock and that 500-550miles [9-10 hours]is the recommended maximum distance to cover in a day before you start pushing yourself, which brings me to ............

    I want to plan the trip were we would drive approx. 800 miles and then relax and sight see.
    That would mean a 14 hour day without any major delays or sight seeing and just having short stops as mentioned above. I think you would find the road trip much more relaxing and enjoyable by enjoying the road trip and the many places you could find between A and B rather than "charging" between the two.

    I would have a re-think and come up with a plan where you travel less and see more, let us know if you have any more questions.

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    Default not relaxing

    I very much agree with Dave, the trip you've laid out in many ways looks like one that comes from a computer printout but doesn't have much respect for the reality of being on the road.

    Your 800 mile then relax plan just isn't very practical in the real world. Yes, if you really need to, you can cover 800 miles in a day on the road for about 14 hours, but what you'd be doing the next day isn't called relaxing, its called crashing from exhaustion. Racing your car as fast as it will go and then slamming on the brakes is hard on your car, and this sort of plan would be basically doing the same thing, except to your body. Over a couple weeks on the road, it is unsustainable and is going to set you up to be constantly tired and not able to enjoy anything on your trip. A more steady but constant pace is going to be far more fun in the long run.

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