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    Default From Texas to Deadwood and back.

    We want to make a big trip this summer.

    An im trying to find a good route. I hope someone can help me organise this!

    Galveston - San Antonio - El Paso (or Marfa) - Phoenix - Sedona (family) - Grand Canyon (south rim) - Las Vegas - Grand Junction - Grand Lake - Casper - Deadwood - Sioux Falls - Omaha - Wichita (friends) - Dallas (friends) - Galveston

    Change stops if you feel we missed something out. We want to go camping mostly. And no longer than 3 weeks.


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    Default Nothing Wrong

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    Your route is, I assume, what you want. At a shade over 4,600 miles point-to-point, you'd be able to do just the driving in about 9 days if that's all you did, so you'll have plenty of time, 12 days or so, to see the sights and visit with friends and family. The one thing I would caution you on is to make sure now, if you haven't already done so, that you have reservations for campsites near the major national parks on your route such as Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce, Arches, Rocky Mountain and Mt. Rushmore/Badlands. Those locations are very popular and have relatively short seasons where everyone is trying to camp in the same limited number of sites.


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    Default some last minute help - roadtrip july

    we have set the dates and places to stay but i need help with things we cant miss on the way and sites to see in the cities/places where we stay. most are obvious so im looking for off beaten track!

    boerne (camping) 1 night
    el paso (motel) 1 night
    sedona (family) 2 nights
    grand canyon (camping) 2 nights
    vegas (paris hotel!) 1 night
    arches national park (camping) 1 night
    granby (camping) 1 night (trail ridge road to....
    estes park (camping) 1 night
    casper (motel) 1 night
    deadwood (hotel) 1 night
    chamberlain (motel) 1 night
    omaha (motel) 1 night
    wichita (friends) 1 night
    dallas (friends) 1 night

    so lots of driving but we are time limited!! it seems most driving hours is el paso to sedona, after that 5 hrs average per day (correct me if im wrong) we like to get up early and hike, history, museums etc.
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    Las Vegas to Arches is a bit of a haul too, 450 miles. I would consider going from Sedona to Las Vegas, then do Grand Canyon on the way to Arches. This will also let you go through Monument Valley.

    Sedona to Las Vegas is short enough to let you take some scenic detours - such as old 66 from Seligman to Kingman, and/or go up to Oatman. From there, you can go to LV via Bullhead City and Searchlight - and you can see Hoover Dam on your way back to the GC.

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