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  1. Default finding partners in vegas for a roadtrip to SF

    Hey Everyone,

    I've tried looking this awsome forum for tips on how to find partners in vegas for a roadtrip, but didn't quite succeed.

    i'll be arriving in LV near the end of September, where i would like to spend a few days, and then see Grand Canyon, Yosemite to SF. my only question is how easy is it to actually find partners for such a roadtrip? are many of the guests in hostels travel by themselves and usually look for other guys to join them?

    also, how long ahead do i need to book a hostel in that time of year?

    Thanks a lot,


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    First of all, I moved your thread to the Share the Gas section of the forum, so that might increase your odds of finding someone to travel with.

    Do you have your own transportation available for this trip, or do you need to find someone before you'll be able to travel the distance?

    I'd say it might be possible to find someone at a hostel who'd want to travel with you, but I don't think I'd put the odds as being real high. I'd probably try to have something lined up earlier if you can.

    As far as prebooking at a hostel goes, I'd suggest contacting the hostel directly and see what they recommend. Hostels aren't all that popular in the US, but that means there aren't as many to choose from. Some can end up being very busy, but its really going to depend upon the specific location you are looking at.

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