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    My family and I are planning to drive from Lancaster, PA to DisneyWorld, Fl. in June as a graduation present for my 17 year old daughter. It will be my husband and I and the 17 year old and our 5 year old daughter. We are renting a car for the trip. We need to be at Disney by Monday morning and we check out of our Disney resort on Friday. I am looking for some suggested stops/sleepovers en route to Disney and on the return home. We would only like to spend one night somewhere each way.We plan to leave home sometime Saturday evening(?) and arrive home sometime the following Sat. evening. Right now we were thinking of driving straight thru to Daytona and spending the day at the beach and sleepover so we don't have far to drive to get to Disney on Monday morning but now I am rethinking that as we will probably be exhausted after our 4 nights and 5 days at Disney and would probably appreciate the beach more AFTER our adventure. We would like to see Savannah GA or Beaufort SC and Daytona beach but just can't seem to get a good plan together. Has anyone made this road trip before that could offer some good suggestions for a game plan? We are trying to avoid too long of a drive to get to Disney Monday morning which is why we thought Daytona would be good before we go there but like I said we may need that day at the beach to recuperate before heading home again. PLEASE help!

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    I'd say on the surface, you are trying to do too much and underestimating how much time you need to make this trip.

    The total trip is about 1000 miles, which means you should be looking at 2 full days on the road, if you limit your stops to just quick siteseeing. Leaving Saturday evening and trying to drive "straight through" more than 900 miles to Dayton is a perfect recipe for a disasterous trip. You will have to push yourself to unsafe limits, and you'll be exhausted before you even start your time at the mouse.

    If you want to spend some time on the beach, you need to give yourself more time for the drive. If you want to spend some time in Daytona on the way down, then I'd try to leave Saturday morning, take your two reasonable days of driving and get there late in the afternoon/early evening on Sunday. You'll have a little time at the beach that evening and Monday morning before you make the hour drive to Orlando. On the way back, you can drive straight back in two days, and you could probably spend a couple hours on the beach in SC to break up your trip on Friday afternoon, but I'd still try to get a little bit farther before stopping for the night or you're going to end up with a pretty killer last day for your trip.

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    If you are contemplating driving more than about 550 miles a day, please read this article on "speed runs". NOT recommended, but if you must, that's how to do it. This would require that your 17 year old daughter be able to take her share of the driving and navigating. This will not be comfortable for your 5 year old.

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