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  1. Default looking for suggestions for a cross country road trip

    I am planning on driving cross country next year. I figured I would start looking for suggestions early. I will have 24 days available for this road trip. I was planning on the 24 days to either start or end on Memorial Day.

    I will be leaving from CT

    I was thinking 8 days to the west coast 8 days on the west coast and 8 days back.

    I will probably stick to Interstates. On the West coast I want to stick with the PCH from North to South

    Going west what would be a better choice I80 or I90? I really have no preference on how far North the trip takes or doesnt take me. Im ok with Starting in Seattle Portland or San Fran when Im on the West coast. Do both I80 and I90 go through the Rockies? And if so which one has the best views?

    Also what would be some suggestions for sights to see off of both I80 and I90. I wouldnt mind side trips of up to 50 miles off the highway.

    On the return trip I was thinking either I70 or I40. I am leaning more towards 70 as I may want to take a side trip to Salt lake City. Again what would be some sights to see off of both 70 and 40?

    I will be driving a pick-up truck and am planning on staying at motels (would stick with the chains)on the drive. On the West coast I was thinking of renting a camper that would fit on top of the bed of my truck. I have been looking around on line and have seen some really comfortable ones. I plan on just driving along the coast on PCH and stopping at RV parks along the way at night.

    My 8/8/8 plan is not fixed in stone and I would appreciate any suggestions people may have

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts, comments :)

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    Default Finding Suggestions

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Your basic 8/8/8 plan is as workable as any. And that's kind of the benefit/problem with each of the choices you have. RoadTrips are by their nature about having the freedom to do what you want to do. either I-80 or I-90 (or I-94 or some combination) going out and you could do I-70 or I-40 (or I-10 or some combination) on the way back. No route is inherently better than any other. The best route for you is the one that takes you to the places you want to see. So the first thing you need to do is to sit down with a good map or atlas of the U.S. and see what there is between the two coasts that intrigues you. Only then can you pick a route. It only takes about 5 days of moderate to steady driving to cross the country, so you'll have three days to fill with sight-seeing.

    I would be a little surprised if/that you found a company that will rent you a camper insert for your pickup that lets you drop it off in a different state than where you rented it, but if that's the case, then there are some spectacular camping opportunities along the west coast. State parks are particularly prevalent along the Oregon and California coasts.


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    Why not rent or buy a small popup and tow it with you the whole trip? I suppose you could also do that with a shell.

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    I havent found a rental company yet. I was just looking around for options. I still havent decided what I want to do on the west coast. I may just camp out for the whole time. I found one location on a previous west coast trip along PCH that had camping right along the beach. I dont recall what area it was but I know I would be able to find it again. Id say its about 2-2 1/2 hours north of LA on PCH. It was right at a point where PCH merges back onto 101 and the road that was PCH dead ends about 3 miles later. The entire 3 miles is along the beach and the entire 3 miles was full of Campers, fifth wheels and Luxury RV buses.

    Do both I80 and I90 go through the Rockies?


    my truck is rated to tow a fairly large camper. Based on GVW of some of the campers I have seen I could probably tow a 28 footer. I dont want to do the camper thing the whole way though.

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    Default not a halfway thing

    I really don't think you're going to have much luck finding someone to rent a camper for just part of your trip. If you do, I suspect a trailer version would probably be your most likely option if you do find someone. I really don't think you'll find anyone who will rent a truck bed camper one way especially for short time you are thinking about.

    Of course, if you don't want to deal with that hassle, then I'd recommend simply picking up a tent and camping when you feel like it. You won't have to deal with dealing with a camper, but you'll still be able to stay up close with nature. And since you aren't inveting much, if you find its just not comfortable enough for you or you don't find a campsite you like, then you can just find a room.

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    Do both I80 and I90 go through the Rockies?

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    Yes they do.

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