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    In about a month (May 17), 2 of my high school buddies and I are going to fly out to Vegas to meet up a friend who goes to school out there and drive his car back home to the DC area. We don't have a whole lot of restrictions-gas money is being covered by the guy with the car's parents, so we just have to pay for food/hotels/souvenirs. None of us have jobs set up until the beginning of June, so time is not a huge issue. We're comfortable driving a lot in the car (it's an '07) and all 4 of us have driven at least 8 hours non stop before.

    Right now, we're thinking:
    -1 night in Vegas (we've all been there before and none of us are 21 yet, so there's not a whole lot we can do that we haven't already done).
    -Grand Canyon

    From there, we're trying to decide between going up through Yellowstone, then to Mount Rushmore and then Minneapolis/Milwaukee/Chicago or to go down through Arizona/New Mexico/Texas/Oklahoma and going through places like Memphis and Nashville.

    We'd like to end up going to Cedar Point in Ohio and at least 1 White Castle along the way. Any ideas?


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    Default Time Frames and Other Limits

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    As has been pointed out frequently in these forums, having multiple people who are individually experienced and comfortable driving 8 hour legs does not mean that you can comfortably and safely drive multiples of 8 hours at a time. In fact, you can often travel less in a day with more people since each stop will take longer, each decision will take longer, and there will be more time spent satisfying the needs of more people. So the 'standard' recommendation that you plan on no more than 500-550 miles a day still holds. The first thing you'll all need to do, then, is to determine how much time you really have. It will be limited, even though you say it's "not a huge issue". Then map out the route you've listed and see if there is time to drive it with realistic limits on your daily mileage. In this regard, you must NOT take the driving time estimates that you will get from on-line mapping routines as anything like real. They assume that you never stop for gas, food or even bathroom breaks, Rather use the estimate of 500-550 miles as a full day's driving.

    You will have to decide between your northern and southern routes and that is entirely up to the four of you. The best advice that I can offer is to point you to this 'quiz' to help you all determine your goals and what's most important to you on your trip. Again, depending on how much time you have, you can do either. Another limiting factor will be the money you have available. While it is nice that the gas will be paid for, you'll still have to come up with around $150 to $200 for expenses for every day that you're on the road. In fact, I'm not sure what your questions are for the community here. So, other than the real world limitations I've already pointed out, how can we help you?


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    We're planning on taking it easy-not doing long stretches, planning frequent stops, etc. I think around 500 miles a day was our max, anyways. The four of us took a 12-hour trip to the beach last summer, so I think we'll be fine riding along with eachother.

    We're interested in terrible tourist traps and things like that..."the world's biggest rubber band ball".

    I was looking for some ideas as to where to go, what to do, etc. and maybe some tips on how to plan stops. Since we've never had a road trip where we have to stop every night at a hotel/motel, I don't really know how to go about planning for that.

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    Unless you are 18, you won't be able to get hotel rooms, and many hotels won't rent to under 21. You need to plan that carefully, hostels and camping may be your only options in some places.

    Terrible tourist traps? If you go to Rushmore, you can go to Wall Drug.

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    We're all older than 18, so we'll just call ahead to figure out hotels.

    If we go to Mt. Rushmore, I'm sure we'll hit Wall Drug.

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