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  1. Default Renting a Car to drive Cross Country

    My wonderful little old Cabrio took me from NYC to San Francisco at this time last year but unfortunately, won't be able to get me back across the country!

    I was wondering if anybody had any experience renting a car or SUV and driving it across country. I'm hoping to make this trip in a bit under a week so it won't be as expensive. Right now, my only thought is to call every rental car place and compare prices but I wanted to see if anybody had advice before doing so.


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    Default thats about it

    Calling every place and checking every website you can really is the best thing I could suggest. Once you do find a rate you like, make sure it includes everything too, like drop off fees, taxes, and underage fees, if that applys in your situation.

    I would also recommend looking at mid-sized or standard size sedans. You'll get a few more options, like cruise control for example, than with a bare bones compact/economy rental. However, even a larger sedan will likely cost much much less to rent than any suv.

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    You could also check with driveaway companies. That will cost you next to nothing.

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