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  1. Default San Fran to Vegas and Vegas via GC to Palm Springs?

    Heeeey. I'm about to set off with my wife on a 10 day road trip but there is 2 parts to it I am uncertain about as outlined in the title of this thread.

    The trip begins in LA on the 7th and we need to get to Indio/Palm Springs on the 16th, it doesn't matter what time of the day.

    Heres the loose itinerary.

    tues 7th land LA
    wed 8th leave for SF stay somewhere along the way
    thur 9th arrive SF look around stay SF
    fri 10th stay in SF
    sat 11th leave for vegas stop along the way yosemite / dv?. either carry onto vegas or stop somewhere for the night.
    sun 12th vegas
    mon 13th vegas
    tues 14th drive vegas to GC / Tusayan. Stay night.
    wed 15th leave gc head towards indio stop when tired
    thurs 16th arrive indio

    I realise it is a long drive from San Francisco to Vegas. 10 hours if you trust some of the online maps. Thats fine, but I'm happy to split it over 2 days if there is alot worth seeing along the way. I know Tioga is closed.

    The other question pertains to the Grand Canyon to Palm Springs section of the trip. I've allowed 2 days for this in order to try and hit some Route 66 stuff on the way. This route I am uncertian of and would love some recommendations on the best way to go and whats unmissable along the way.

    I'm all yours!

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    Default Choices.

    To visit either Yosemite or Death Valley you will need a night on the way, if you wish to see both then 2 nights. They are both worth a visit and couldn't be any different in there landscapes. The waterfalls will be flowing in Yosemite and the desert landscape in DV is "other worldly".

    If you are staying in Tusayan you will enter GC by the Southern entrance and I would recommend leaving by the East entrance if you have time. This will make a loop on the 64 and take you along Desert view drive where there are some good view points and the old Watchtower, and it's a big part of the GC experience. This will lead to the 89 where you head South for Flagstaff

    From the Grand canyon when you are on I-40 you can take an old part of '66 through Seligman, Kingman and Oatman and see some of the old diners and memorabilia shops that keeps these towns ticking along from the fame of '66.
    Perhaps a night in Lake Havasu city and see the old London bridge.

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    Given the choice, would you go for Yosemite or Death Valley? I really can only see us being able to fit in 1 nights stay between SF and LV.

    If I chose Yosemite with Tioga closed would I see much if I took that loop road that seems to run alongside it on the south west corner?
    It appears to branch off the 99 at Manteca and comes back in at Fresno.

    I took a screen capture.

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    Default Heads or tails.

    Wow, that maps big !
    [Can you downsize it with the edit button at all?]

    They are both great places and as I said very different.

    Maybe this will help. Yosemite

    Death valley.

    Well maybe not ;-) but only you can choose !

    I have been to both but I have never seen the waterfalls flowing strongly and hope to put that right one day. Having stood at the base of Yosemite falls when it's run dry and imagined it flowing I would think it's quite some spectacle.

    Your map shows the route to Yosemite and out of but you need to drive the valley floor to the village area 140/41.

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    Sorry about the map size. I have a big screen!

    You're right they are both very different. I feel drawn to Yosemite due to the fact that I'm going to be seeing plenty of desert when we hit GC.

    I'm thinking on that day maybe I'll drive from SF to Yosemite Villiage, check out the falls and then carry on to Fresno or somewhere along the 99 and spend the night.

    I guess I just need a pat on the head and someone to say 'you can do it' haha ;)

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    Default You can do it !

    Try and get an early start from SF before the traffic starts to build up as to enjoy a good few hours at Yosemite.

    Head towards Fresno but if the time runs away from you, Oakhurst that is just outside the park is around 8 hours from Vegas with a couple of short stops.

    If you are up for it you could take a day trip to Death valley while in Vegas while you are waiting for the bright lights. This would be taking the 160 to Pahrump and then the locals road, Ash meadows/State line rd to Death valley junction. Take in some of the views, a drive to Badwater [lowest point in the US] and a bite to eat at Furnace creek.

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