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    Hello! Just wanna ask anyone of you who have a great idea where me and my girlfriends can meet halfway between las vegas and LA? A restaurant, bar, hotel or shopping mall. My friends are from around the LA area and I'm coming from Las Vegas. I'm just visiting las vegas for a short period of time just to attend a wedding that's why I dont have the luxury of time to drive all the way to LA. My friends are willing to meet with me anywhere but Las Vegas...they too have some conflicts with their schedule. We're planning to meet up on May 17th, sunday. Would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks in advance!

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    There is a lot of desert between Las Vegas and Los Angeles, and a lot of urbanized area for your friends to negotiate to get out of and back into the Los Angeles area. Those considerations, plus some thought as to how much the surroundings of your visit matter, will drive your collective decision, so here are the factors at work:

    The total one-way drive between Las Vegas and Los Angeles will be about 275 miles, so there should be plenty of time for both you and your friends to make the drive 'halfway', spend a few hours together, and still get home before dark.

    Barstow is closer to L.A. and so will cut down on the collective miles driven (if your friends are taking more than one car). You would be driving around 350 miles round trip while your friends would be driving around 200-225. It is the largest city available for your meeting and so will offer the widest choice of restaurants, watering holes or other 'civilized' type venues. Most of these will be the standard chain operations at the freeway exits, but if you drive 'downtown' and ask around you can no doubt find something with a bit more character.

    Baker is closer to Las Vegas (you'd be driving 200 miles and your friends 350 miles). It is near one of the entrances to the Mojave National Preserve if that type of natural surroundings would be more suited to your meeting. You could meet in Baker and load up for an al fresco meal.


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    In Lenwood (just southwest of Barstow) is an outlet center with lots of resturants, but most are the fast food variety. I think there's a Harvey House near the same outlet off I-15 at Lenwood Rd, but I've never eaten there. I always stop by the In N Out hamburger joint.

    If you stop in Baker and like touristy places, check out the Mad Greek. While I wouldn't recommend the "famous strawberry shake" they advertise on billboards for miles around (it tastes like foam with a hint of strawberry flavor), they have decent food. It gets REALLY busy around lunch time, though.

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    BTW, if you'd like a quieter place to sit down and eat a meal, try the Idle Spurs Staek House in Barstow on Old Highway 58.

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